Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy by thebeautymix featuring a hi top
£18.99 at Matalan, do you like?

Would You Be Interested...

I think Im going to be able to get hold of a few pairs of false eyelashes that I will be able to sell on to my lovely readers.

Im not sure of prices yet but im thinking around the £2/3 pound mark.

Would any of you be interested in buying some, with christmas around the corner youll get good use out of them!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: My Latest In Beauty Box

Hello girlies, I cannot apologise enough for not blogging in a while, I know I keep saying it but I have no excuses for not posting.

Im back today with a review on a little pink box that came through my letter box the other day.

This Latest in Beauty box is the second one ive ordered and I really do think theyre great. Theyre a bit like the monthly beauty boxes but with a bit of a difference. They cost £1.50 and the price comes off of your phone credit (you receive a text that takes the money and gives you a code). You receive 3 different samples that you are allowed to choose yourself and its just a way of being intoduced to something that you might not normally try.

The package is a little pink flat box which I think looks lovey. The box isnt very big because the things you receive are only samples and in little sachets.
These are the things I chose to receive in my box: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, Lavera Rose Night Cream and Beauty Fixation (from Japonesque) Make Up Remover Swabs.
 Ive never tried any of these products before so I was exited to use them. One night after cleansing I used the Estee Lauder serum, stupidly I opened the sachet fully and then had to use the whole lot, even though I couldve stretched it to two nights use. I did quite like this, it kept my skin soft and my skin felt nice when I woke up the next day. Ive only used it once so im not sure if there would be any effects if I used it long term, and I wouldnt be able to tell from the samples I received anyway! I do like it but if its only basically a moisturiser then its a pretty expensive one at that.
Secondly is the Lavera cream. I was wiser this time and have so far managed to get three uses out of one sachet so far. This literally smells so much of roses, so much so im not sure if its too heavily perfumed. I like roses at the best of time but I am a little put off by this. Its a good cream and a little goes a long way. The smell fades after a while but it doesnt matter so much as its a night cream. Again, this made my skin nice and smooth and it didnt irritate my psoriasis so a big thumbs up from me.
Finally, the star sample of the box. The cotton bud makeup removers. I think these are from Japonesque although if this is the case then it isnt heavily advertised and it doesnt say on the front. Ive used two of these and I think theyre amazing. You snap the bud with the ring around it and you can see the remover soak down into the other bud. This remover does its job and ive touched up my winged liner mistakes with ease. No pulling of the skin around the eyes and it gets rid of the makeup without smudging it. I know its just as easy to soak your own bud in liner but when they work out at next to nothing cost price in a sample box you cant really go wrong. Admittedly I wouldnt purchase these in a shop but 24 for practically free is great.
So there we have it, this is my second box and I would highly recommend that you give them a go if you havent already.

To order your Latest in Beauty box visit

Friday, 2 November 2012

FOTD: Ice Hockey Match

Hello. Today I'm back with a quick face of the night.

I volunteer with my local air ambulance and our local ice hockey team were having a match and said we were welcome to come along with buckets to collect money.

I kept my face simple (along with warm clothes because of the whole ice thing and that). I also got to watch the match which was amazing!

So my face:
- Nivea primer (seen in a previous post)
- A mix of Looks BB cream and W7 photo ready foundation
- Rimmel stay matte powder
- Natural Collection peach Melba blush
- Felt tip eye liner pen (think its max factor)
- Collection 2000 mascara
- Revlon balm stain (not sure what colour!)

So there we have it. Apologies for the bad lighting. I'll be back soon with a bigger blog post!