Monday, 17 December 2012

Hair Dye Removers?

Has anyone used one? Do they actually work? Would you recommend one?

I'd like to strip some old red out of my hair that I've managed to grow halfway out!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Check Out My New (False) Nails

I bought these yesterday to wear when I went out last night.

They're Superdrug own and are £4.49 (Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 on nail stuff).

I love the pattern and the shade of pink is very flattering. The only downside to these is that they come with adhesive pads rather than glue. They looked to be less time consuming but at the first hint of warm water the stickiness disappeared and they fell off.

The moral of the story is you can't go wrong with glue!

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
MUA Cream Blush
Collection Liquid Liner
Collection Big Lash Mascara
17 Lipstick in Beehive

Monday, 3 December 2012


My nails today are Models Own Nude Beige which came free with More! Magazine.

Love this colour, the perfect nude with great coverage and application. Opaque in one coat but I gave it two.

My first Models Own polish but not my last!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy

Shoe Envy by thebeautymix featuring a hi top
£18.99 at Matalan, do you like?

Would You Be Interested...

I think Im going to be able to get hold of a few pairs of false eyelashes that I will be able to sell on to my lovely readers.

Im not sure of prices yet but im thinking around the £2/3 pound mark.

Would any of you be interested in buying some, with christmas around the corner youll get good use out of them!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review: My Latest In Beauty Box

Hello girlies, I cannot apologise enough for not blogging in a while, I know I keep saying it but I have no excuses for not posting.

Im back today with a review on a little pink box that came through my letter box the other day.

This Latest in Beauty box is the second one ive ordered and I really do think theyre great. Theyre a bit like the monthly beauty boxes but with a bit of a difference. They cost £1.50 and the price comes off of your phone credit (you receive a text that takes the money and gives you a code). You receive 3 different samples that you are allowed to choose yourself and its just a way of being intoduced to something that you might not normally try.

The package is a little pink flat box which I think looks lovey. The box isnt very big because the things you receive are only samples and in little sachets.
These are the things I chose to receive in my box: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, Lavera Rose Night Cream and Beauty Fixation (from Japonesque) Make Up Remover Swabs.
 Ive never tried any of these products before so I was exited to use them. One night after cleansing I used the Estee Lauder serum, stupidly I opened the sachet fully and then had to use the whole lot, even though I couldve stretched it to two nights use. I did quite like this, it kept my skin soft and my skin felt nice when I woke up the next day. Ive only used it once so im not sure if there would be any effects if I used it long term, and I wouldnt be able to tell from the samples I received anyway! I do like it but if its only basically a moisturiser then its a pretty expensive one at that.
Secondly is the Lavera cream. I was wiser this time and have so far managed to get three uses out of one sachet so far. This literally smells so much of roses, so much so im not sure if its too heavily perfumed. I like roses at the best of time but I am a little put off by this. Its a good cream and a little goes a long way. The smell fades after a while but it doesnt matter so much as its a night cream. Again, this made my skin nice and smooth and it didnt irritate my psoriasis so a big thumbs up from me.
Finally, the star sample of the box. The cotton bud makeup removers. I think these are from Japonesque although if this is the case then it isnt heavily advertised and it doesnt say on the front. Ive used two of these and I think theyre amazing. You snap the bud with the ring around it and you can see the remover soak down into the other bud. This remover does its job and ive touched up my winged liner mistakes with ease. No pulling of the skin around the eyes and it gets rid of the makeup without smudging it. I know its just as easy to soak your own bud in liner but when they work out at next to nothing cost price in a sample box you cant really go wrong. Admittedly I wouldnt purchase these in a shop but 24 for practically free is great.
So there we have it, this is my second box and I would highly recommend that you give them a go if you havent already.

To order your Latest in Beauty box visit

Friday, 2 November 2012

FOTD: Ice Hockey Match

Hello. Today I'm back with a quick face of the night.

I volunteer with my local air ambulance and our local ice hockey team were having a match and said we were welcome to come along with buckets to collect money.

I kept my face simple (along with warm clothes because of the whole ice thing and that). I also got to watch the match which was amazing!

So my face:
- Nivea primer (seen in a previous post)
- A mix of Looks BB cream and W7 photo ready foundation
- Rimmel stay matte powder
- Natural Collection peach Melba blush
- Felt tip eye liner pen (think its max factor)
- Collection 2000 mascara
- Revlon balm stain (not sure what colour!)

So there we have it. Apologies for the bad lighting. I'll be back soon with a bigger blog post!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Just plugging my instagram! If any of you lovely ladies would like to follow me on Instagram then I can be found at


I loves the instagram!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer

Hello, Im back today with a review of the Nivea Express Hydration Primer which is new into stores. I saw an advert for it the other day and it really intrigued me so when I was in Superdrug yesterday I picked it up.

I purchased mine from Superdrug (Cant find it on the website) for £4.99. Im not sure if this is an introductory price or if it was launched into shops at full price.
Before I purchased this I moisturised in the morning and then used a Rimmel primer on my psoriasis patches on my T Zone. This primer claims to moisturise and provide a smooth base for effective make up application. It also says that makeup will stay put on your face for longer.
The primer is enriched with natural Almond Oil  and Calendula extract. This adds to the smell. The smell is actually quite strong but its not off putting and I actually quite like it. I can still smell it on the back of my hand from when I was swatching for the pictures but Im wearing it on my face now and I cant smell it.
When I applied it this morning I used it without moisturiser and just did this and my foundation. Being honest, this has given the best makeup application that Ive had in a long long while. My psoriasis hasnt shown up at all and my makeup is still going strong although Im a bit oily. Like it claims (and from the swatch picture above) it is really light and non greasy. It leaves my skin nice and smooth but without looking like an oil slick (I suffer from really oily skin and sometimes moisturiser just adds to the problem).
Another positive to this which is a problem with other primers is that they feel really silliconey. Im not sure if sillicone is an ingredient in this primer but if it is then it isnt obviously so.
All in all I would highly recommend this primer to anyone on the lookout for something that leaves a nice smooth base without feeling like a mask on the face. Its cheap cheerful and reaches far higher than the expectations I had for it!
Have you tried this?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Watch Lust

The watch that I currently wear all the time is some cheap one off ebay with a plain black strap. I like it because it has a vintage vibe and isnt too bulky. One day my battery went, and in the process of trying to get the stiff back off of it my dad proceeded to break the winder. He managed to use a screwdriver to set the time (while also setting it 5 minutes slow) and then glued the winder back in. This satisfied me for the time being but with the clocks going back at the end of the month I am now on the hunt for a new timepiece because Ill keep forgetting to take an hour and 5 minutes off of what my watch says.

Anyways, now that ive got the story out of the way. Ive been scouring ebay for a new watch in the same sort of style but none have come up. I also really like the Michael Kors rose gold ones but I think that theyre too bulky for me so I wouldnt really like to wear one.

I love rose gold so when I saw this it was a mixture of everything I love in a watch.
The Storm website has this watch down for £84.99 but I found it on the H Samuel website for £74.99. I love it, rose gold with a black strap and numbers on the front instead of roman numerals.
Im so tempted with this but after forking out £80 on a leather jacket the other day I dont think my bank account would appreciate me!
Maybe I should by a cheapo, horrible thing on ebay and hope that Santa will deliver this to me at christmas?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review: Barry M Lipstick in Shade 160

Hello girlies I hope you are all ok. Today im back with a review post on a new lipstick that I purchased to where when I went out on Saturday night.

My outfit on Saturday was simple, my maroon primark wedges and a grey River Island dipped hem jersey dress. To correspond with the shoes I thought I would dip my toe into the waters of the autumnal plum shade lipstick.

My choice of shade was the Barry M lipstick in shade 160 (available at Superdrug for £4.49 - However I cant find the link online).

The colour in the bullet looked really daunting to me at first as Im normally someone who goes for pale pinks and my lips but better shades. When I swatched it in store it was still a dramatic colour but looked more wearable.
These two pictures were taken in slightly different lights which is why they do not look the same. I would say that the picture on the left was more true to life. A dark plummy ish colour with a visible hint of red.
I dont have a picture of me wearing it but colour payoff is good when it goes over my natural lip colour as opposed to a colourless hand!
The price is good for a high street brand, as I said the colour is lovely and it glides onto the lips really smoothly. It isnt drying at all so it gets a big thumbs up from me.
With regards to the packaging, some might say that the pink is a bit tacky but Im personally not bothered by it. The pink makes it stand out from the other lipsticks I own. The bullet does feel smaller than other products so im not sure if this is because there is less product or theyre just made to be more compact.

This was my first Barry M lip colour and I am really pleased with the product. Id definitely buy another colour from the range!
Do you own any Barry M lipsticks?

Monday, 15 October 2012


Hello girlies. I'm so sorry for not blogging in what feels like an age. I've finally got my head round everything and I'm ready and raring to blog!

To easy myself back in gently I've got a picture of my current nails. They're false nails from Superdrug, however not sure which make. I put them on on Saturday for my BNO with the girls.

They're lasting well and only one has fallen off so far!

I'll be back again soon for some more in depth posts!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Im Sorry...

Hi guys,

I am so so sorry that I havent postes in 2 weeks. This time has gone so fast, I thought it had only been a week since my last post but it hasnt. Im going to surf the internet for mt Top 5 Thursday for yesterday so do expect that soon.

I need to get in the habit of taking photos for my blog posts again. I think it would be best if I took photos for 3 or 4 posts in one go and then thats at least half the post done for a few days!

I do apologise once again!

On a plus note I just want to say a big thank you and hello to my new followers :). I get super happy everytime I look at dashboard and see that Ive got a new reader :).

Ill post again soon!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Topshop

Untitled #10

Hi girlies, Im so sorry that this is a day late again (slaps wrist), I have no excuse for the lateness in posting but I do hope you can forgive when I show you what beauties I found on the new in section of the Topshop website.

1) Printed Playsuit By Oh My Love - £39.00 - Im starting off with my favourtie piece, as denoted by the size of the picture in the collage above. I love this. When zoomed in its clear to see that the print on this playsuit is of all different animals, I spy horses, sheep and goats. The long sleeves make it suitable for autumn and winter. I keep dreaming about having it in my wardrobe.

2) Sleeveless Peplum Top - £18.00 - Ive seen these featured by some more famous bloggers and the bright colours caught my eye. This one is the navy one and has a zip down the back. This looks really sophisticated and would work from the office to the bar.
3) Wadded Sweater By Boutique - £35.00 - This reminds me of a school jumper. I was looking for a dark grey one last year but I really like the lightness of the colour of this one. Warm and snug and just what the doctor ordered for the colder months.
4) Shackles Embellished Platforms - £68.00 - Love these. Studs were all over the catwalk and look to be a big trend this season. These studs are understated yet add something to a fairly simple shoe. The platform and heel height of these makes them look like theyd be easy to walk in.
5) Moto Black Coated Denim Shorts - £32.00 - The coating on these shorts adds something to such a simple wardrobe piece. I imagine these shorts with tights, chelsea boots and a shirt with some collar tips and maybe a denim jacket!
Do you like my picks? Sorry for the fact that theyre all autumnal colours my head obviously thinks that summer has well and truly gone.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

ASOS Magazine

Hello girlies are we all ok?

Ive never recieved an ASOS magazine before but I must be on the mailing list because the other day I recieved the latest issue in the post.

I was taking the plastic cover off and wondered why the magazine was so bulky, discarding the crappy adverts and leaflets look what greeted me!

Yes that right, a yummy Galaxy bar which was a lovely treat. I still havent eaten it as my healthy eating plan has well and truly kicked in.

The magazine was a great read full of the latest fashions and style inspirations, an interview with Juno Temple and some great nail art on the last page.

I love this checked shirt!

There was also a sample of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which Ive been wanting to try. Ive checked out the shade online and it seems like it would be a good match. Im a sucker for samples so this was a welcome addition.

This is just a quick post to let you know that im looking forward to the next magazine I receive and to say that if youre not on the mailing list and you love ASOS then try and get yourselves on it!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

August Empties

Hello, I know its a bit late but this is the only chance Ive had to write about all the products Ive used up or thrown away during August.

This is my first empties post and I feel that this is quite a good selection. However, this is only because I had a clear out so half of it is stuff I just dont want anymore.

There are 7 things that Ive either thrown away or used up. Ill give a quick desription of each one and whether I would actually purchase it again.

First up is the Nivea Visage Eye Make Up Remover. I did repurchase this and Im currently on my third bottle of the stuff. Its great at removing eyeliner and mascara without rubbing too hard. Its the only EMR ive tried and Ive never felt the need to move onto something else. Its cheap, cheerful and does what it says on the tin.
Secondly is the Nivea cleasning toner. Ive done a review post of this and I still love it. I havent repurchased it yet as Im trying to finish off my new Vichy Normaderm cleanser but once that one is out of the way then I will definitely repurchase this one.
Next up is the V05 Ultimate Hold hairspray. No repurchase as of yet but that is only because Ive started on an Aldis own brand one. This is the only hairspray Ive ever used all the way to empty which is saying something. I would definitely recommend this. It keeps hair in place withough making it too stiff.
At the top of this picture are some Oriflame false eyelashes. They cost me £1 and ive never used them so couldnt say whether they are any good or not. The only reason these are being thrown is because stupid me bent one in half and it wont go back to normal!
Benefits the Porefessional. I bought a copy of Red magazine when they were doing Benefit samples. I used it once and I dont really like it. It left my skin looking really shiny. I wasnt tempted to buy the full size prodcut because there are other things that do a better job of priming my skin and making my pores look smaller.
The long silver box on the right is an Oriflame mascara that cost me 50p. I loved this mascara and it did a great job but unfortunately this got shoved to the back of a drawer when I purchased a new mascara. I bought it before christmas last year so this is probaly dried up now and I wouldnt want to use it for hygiene reasons.
Finally for this empties/throwing away post is the Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara. This is the one with the fibres in to make your lashes look longer. I stopped my love affair with the Oriflame one for this and boy I wished I hadnt! I didnt get on with this at all. The fibres didnt attach to my naturall lashes so no added length there and the formula of mascara itself was rubbish. It did nothing for me and I do actually regret buying this.
So there we have it, my first empties post. I think these posts may be few and far between because I very rarely get through a large amount of products in one month. I may save them up and make it a quarterly post or something.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Graduation Nails

Hello, to ease myself back into blogging as it feels like ages since Ive written a post I thought I would do a quick post showing you the colour I had on my nails for my graduation ceremony.

I wanted to go for a pale colour and something that didnt really clash with the teal dress I was wearing. However the choice to not have nail varnish at all was diminished by the fact that the week before  Id had on a pinky red colour which had stained my nails.

I chose to paint my nails and 9 o clock the night before my ceremony so I didnt have time to attempt to remove the staining. The only thing I could then do was to paint as many layers as possible to cover it up!

The polish I used was a pale pink George from Asda colour called Natural Rose. Im not sure how much these retail for at Asda becaue I bought mine in a pack of other makeup items from Poundland.

This is a lovely colour. Without stained nails I think this would be a 2 coat job, I put 3 or 4 on just to make sure the red was completely obliterated. Its quick drying and doesnt go streaky. It is a really pale colour but I think its beautiful. It reminds me of one of thos Essie polishes that just enhances your natural nails.

This polish is also really long lasting. A week later and ive got minimal tip wear and one chip on my index finger on each hand. This is the most long lasting polish Ive used in a while!

I would definitely recommend using these George at Asda polishes and the next time im in Asda I think I will check out the other colours.

Have you used these polishes before?

Monday, 10 September 2012


Hello girlies. This is just a quick post to let you know that blog posts may be a little thin on the ground for a while as things are being a bit hectic here. I'm covering extra shifts while interning and looking for a proper job!

I'm going to try and schedule some when I can. I'll try and dedicate a few hours for blogging!

I'll be back with you soon :)

Friday, 7 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 1 Picture

So here we are, the final day of the 10 day challenge. The 10 days has gone fast and apart from graduating I havent done much. Am I wasting my life?!

So anyway, the 10 day challenge dictates that on the final day I must show all of mylovely readers a photo of myself. I had a bit of a debate to myself as to whether to show a recent picture with my short hair or one from a few months ago when I had hair that I actually liked. I decided on longer hair as Im not a fan of my hair at the moment and Im willing it to grow more than a millimetre a day!

This photo was takin back in February or March when we had the bad snow. Me and a friend stupidly decided to go out in Lincoln when the snow started to happen and we had to walk everywhere because you couldnt get a taxi for love nor money. The damphair explains the falling out curls but I kind of like them like that. Also, please excuse the stupid face. The alcohol was starting to take effect!

I hope you like my photographic offering, this is just an insight into my everyday life away from fashion, beauty and The Beauty Mix!

Always make sure to get the drink in shot as well!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Dorothy Perkins

Untitled #9

Hello, todays Top 5 Thursday post comes from Dorothy Perkins and Ive got some great items today. When I checked out the website, there were loads of pretty things on there and trying to whittle it down to 5 things was actually quite difficult.
Tall Bailey Port Superskinny - £25.00 - Ive seen these in store and the colour is a lot more burgundy/port in real life. I was actually going to buy these but unfortunatley they didnt have my size. I hope they are as superskinny as the name suggests because, for me, the skinnier the better.
Mink Bar Front Envelope Clutch - £15.00 - I love envelope clutch bags and the colour of this one is so gorgeous. Its a go with everything clutch but the colour isnt as harsh as black. I love the gold detailing on the corners and the bar along the front.
Blue Flared Belted Dress - £50.00 - The colour and the style of this dress reminds me of something from Mad Men. I think it would look great paired with some black court shoes and a black patent handbag and retro inspired hair and makeup! Im just tempting myself now...
Mustard Print Belted Dress - £52.00 - I love the pattern on this, its so in your face but I just cant stop looking at it! The colour of this would brighten up many a dull day in the winter. Its also a really flattering shape as well.
Black Chelsea Ankle Boots - £35.00 - Chelsea Boots are still a favourite of mine and these low heeled ones are the most practical for day to day wear. The flatness of them will ensure that your feet wont ache at the end of the day. They are suede/suede effect so maybe not suitable for snow or puddle hopping!
So there we have it, do you like my picks? What are you loving right now?

10 Day Challenge: 2 Songs

The last installment from the 10 day challenge for today. This post will feature my 2 favourite songs. This is going to be so hard because there are so many songs that I love and each song represents a different memory for me.

1) Reckless - You Me At Six: I love love love YMA6 so much. Ive seen them in London and would do so again in a heartbeat. This is my favourite song off of their last album Sinners Never Sleep. If you like rocky tunes but more on the poppy side rather than screamo and heavy metal then you should definitley check out these brit boys. Theyre hot as well ;).
2) Along with my love for YMA6 I also have a love for 50's and 60's tunes. This is really hard to decide a specific song so ill just include an artist here. Neil Sedaka. He has such a cute face! His songs are lovely and I could listen to him all day. Look into him and you will probably recognise some of his songs.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of the challenge, a picture of me. What songs do you like listening to? Leave a comment below while I go hunt through the photo albums!

10 Day Challenge: 3 Films

This post is based on the 3 films part of the 10 day challenge. Film wise, along with books wise. Im more drawn to Romcoms. Im not really into horror films or westerns and stuff.

1) I love Mean Girls. Doesnt everyone? Linday Lohan before she went a bit funny and a cute guy. I love these kind of films, will they or wont they get the girl. Reminds me of when I was young when this film came out.
2) Cinderall Story. Again another will they get together or not film. Based on Cinderall but in the modern age. It features a lovely cinderella ballgown dress. Appeals to the fashion lover in me.
3) My final film is How To Marry A Millionaire. This is an old film with Marilyn Monroe in. The tale of 3 single girls in NY trying to bag millionaires and not being very successful in the end. I definitley recommend this to all my readers!

There is one more post today for the 10 day challenge and then I will finally be caught up. Stay tuned for my favourite 2 songs!

10 Day Challenge: 4 Books

Hello, sorry I havent posted in a while. Ive been a busy bee! Tuesday saw me graduate from Lincoln University which was a great day. Yesterday was spent being lazy and not switching my laptop on at all. Today will be a day of blogging. Im going to catch up with the 10 day challenge and then schedule some posts as I dont want to inundate you all with loads of posts today!

So this part of the 10 day challenge is 4 books. I read so many books its unbelievable. Im going to approach this challenge in a different way and rather than listing 4 individual books im going to tell you 4 authors that I love. When I find a brilliant author, I try and read all of the books that Ive ever written and I can guarantee Ill probably love them all. Im not really one to ready posh books, im more of a chick lit kind of girl but whatever floats your boat eh?

1) My top author of all time has to be Sheila O'Flangan. Ive read all of her books and now im waiting for the new ones. She needs to start writing faster I tell you! Sheila is Irish and all of her books are based in Dublin. They feature trials and tribulations of young modern women who are torn between love and other things!
2) Marian Keyes. Again another Irish author (can you see a theme here?!). There is so much humour running through Marians books that at times I laugh out loud. She portrays Irish people so well and sometimes makes them live up to the stereotypes that the rest of the world holds. You should check her out!
3) Sophie Kinsella. Sophie writes the Shopaholic series of books. These books are fab. Theyre funny but also have a serious note. Everyone can relate to overspending and feeling guilty at the end of the month when you sort out your money.
4) Belinda Jones. Ive only read a few of Belinda books but theyre great. There is no set them unlike the other 3 authors but they are still based around love. One I read was based on a tropical Island which definitley made me fantasise about living there!

So there we have it, my 4 top Authors. If you would like an in depth review of a particular book from these authors then let me know!

Monday, 3 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 5 Foods

Today im back with the 5 Foods part of the 10 day challenge. I love food - which is glaringly obvious because im always trying to lose those few extra pounds that are constantly settled around my middle.

Food can evoke so many memories as well as being important in making new ones (stop me now before I truly sound like someone who loves themselves to much!).

1) My ultimate favourite food is my mums roast dinner. We have one every Sunday without fail and they are amazing. Yummy roast potatoes, meat, veg, gravy and yorkshire pudding. I cant wait for next Sunday already!
2) Potato Salad: I love this stuff. I never used to like mayonnaise but my tastes must have changed and now I cant get enough of it. I should probably include coleslaw in here as that another new found love.
3) Nectarines. Especially when theyre soft and juicy and the juice runs down your arm. Messy foods are a must.
4) Fried Onions: Again another new love. I could never stand onions but now I really like them. Especially fried ones. Even if they are bad for you...
5) My final favourite food is Curry. I love the subtle hint of spiceyness that a good curry brings. Im not a fan of overly spicy ones so I normally go for a Korma or Tikka Massala. Essential add ons are poppadoms, naan bread and bombay potatoes!

So there we have it, my 5 ultimat foods. Most of these are pretty bad for me which is why I dont eat them all the time. I cant even remember the last time I ate a curry!

What are your favourite foods?