Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Graduation Nails

Hello, to ease myself back into blogging as it feels like ages since Ive written a post I thought I would do a quick post showing you the colour I had on my nails for my graduation ceremony.

I wanted to go for a pale colour and something that didnt really clash with the teal dress I was wearing. However the choice to not have nail varnish at all was diminished by the fact that the week before  Id had on a pinky red colour which had stained my nails.

I chose to paint my nails and 9 o clock the night before my ceremony so I didnt have time to attempt to remove the staining. The only thing I could then do was to paint as many layers as possible to cover it up!

The polish I used was a pale pink George from Asda colour called Natural Rose. Im not sure how much these retail for at Asda becaue I bought mine in a pack of other makeup items from Poundland.

This is a lovely colour. Without stained nails I think this would be a 2 coat job, I put 3 or 4 on just to make sure the red was completely obliterated. Its quick drying and doesnt go streaky. It is a really pale colour but I think its beautiful. It reminds me of one of thos Essie polishes that just enhances your natural nails.

This polish is also really long lasting. A week later and ive got minimal tip wear and one chip on my index finger on each hand. This is the most long lasting polish Ive used in a while!

I would definitely recommend using these George at Asda polishes and the next time im in Asda I think I will check out the other colours.

Have you used these polishes before?


  1. Love the nails, will definitely check out the nail polishes when I'm next passing an Asda:) I'm new to blogging, would love it if you took a look.
    Amy X

    1. Sorry its taken me so long to reply! This polish lasted ages, it was amazing :).

      I love discovering new blogs so ill look now xx