Friday, 7 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 1 Picture

So here we are, the final day of the 10 day challenge. The 10 days has gone fast and apart from graduating I havent done much. Am I wasting my life?!

So anyway, the 10 day challenge dictates that on the final day I must show all of mylovely readers a photo of myself. I had a bit of a debate to myself as to whether to show a recent picture with my short hair or one from a few months ago when I had hair that I actually liked. I decided on longer hair as Im not a fan of my hair at the moment and Im willing it to grow more than a millimetre a day!

This photo was takin back in February or March when we had the bad snow. Me and a friend stupidly decided to go out in Lincoln when the snow started to happen and we had to walk everywhere because you couldnt get a taxi for love nor money. The damphair explains the falling out curls but I kind of like them like that. Also, please excuse the stupid face. The alcohol was starting to take effect!

I hope you like my photographic offering, this is just an insight into my everyday life away from fashion, beauty and The Beauty Mix!

Always make sure to get the drink in shot as well!!

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