Saturday, 1 September 2012

NOTD and Review: Barry M in Raspberry

Hello girlies, today I will be reviewing my new Barry M polish in the shade Raspberry. I recently purchased this on the 2 for £5 offer at Superdrug along with the shade Mushroom. I picked thisup because although the name signifies pink tones, in the bottle it looked a lovely maroon shade which is my favourite colour!

As you can tell from the pictures above, the shade as it is on the nails is very similar to the colour in the bottle. I love it, although it maybe is a wintery colour because it doesnt make your tan pop like some other polishes can.
Unlike my application gripe with Barry M in Peach Melba this polish goes on like a dream. Im not sure if I did 2 or 3 coats but if it was 3 the third was not needed and I just put one on for ones sake! This is opaques in 2 and dries really quickly with no streaks.
Sorry about the mess, I hadnt cleaned my nails up yet and im not the tidiest nail painte. The brush on this is the same as all other Barry M brushes and ive got nothing to complain about with that.
All in all, the nail varnish is very reasonably priced and I cant think of anything to complain about. Its definitely worked its way into one of my top colours!


  1. Stunning colour!


    1. Its gorgeous isnt it! It lasts a long time as well, only tip wear at the minute. I would definitley reccomend it :) xx

  2. I have this colour and I absolutely love it! Defo want to paint my nails with this now =)


    1. You definitely should! Its a great colour, I love it :) xx