Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites

Hell girls, Im keen on introducing regular blog posts and what better way to do this than with and end of the month favourites post. It means for certain that this blog will get at least one post a month and its not something that takes a long time to do! Bonus.

I cannot believe that we are nearly into the 8th month, over a halfway through 2012..its going so fast. 2012 has been a year with many changes and one of these is establishing my blog a bit more. Im getting there slowly but surely.

So, onto the favourites...these arent just beauty related theyre just random things that I have been loving.

                                                              (Lets see how big this picture turns out!)

First up is the W7 nail polish in Barbie Pink, Ive had this for ages and I dont know where I got it from. I also havent worn it in a while but ive recently rediscovered it and for the most of the month this has been the polish adorning my nails.

Secondly is my L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick in this lillacy pink colour. I got it around the time that the lipbutters came out as it has the same aim - moisturising and colouring. I didnt jump onto the lipbutter bandwagon and I didnt think that I needed to with this. This is a my lips but better colour and is easy and simple to slick on day after day when youre after natural make up. It even works on a night out when youre going for glam eye makeup.

In terms of skincare, ive recently found a routine that I love and this includes the Nivea Pure and Natural cleansing toner. I use this to both take my makeup off and to clean my skin. My skin is so weird and this is the only thing ive found that isnt too harsh and still does what it says on the tin. I know its a winner beceause im on my third bottle of the stuff and I always would have swiched the routine up before then.

The body lotion ive been loving this month is the Garnier Body 7 day gel. It has a really weird consistency - seen to be believed! Its surprisingly good, a little goes a long way and it sinks in soo quicly leaving no greasy residue

The last beauty related item on my list is this VO5 hairspray in ultimate hold. Not much I can really say about this, it holds my hair but doesnt make it go crunchy. Its easy to brush out and it surprisingly smells nice!

In terms of non beauty items in my July favourites list Ive been loving the latest You Me At Six album. I love love love You Me At Six and ive recently been to see them. I know this cd came out a while ago now but I still listen to it regurlarly and every time my ipod comes out ill be guranteed to listen to one of their songs.

Finally in this post is the most recent book by Sheila O Flanagan. Im a huge reader, I always have my nose stuck in a book. I read this on holiday and it tooke me about 2 days to read. Im a big fan of this author, so much so that Ive read all her past books and im always waiting for her to bring out more. Oh how I wish she would write faster!

What have you girls been loving? Do you like this kind of post? What would you think about me writing more varied posts on non beauty topics (book reviews etc)?

Monday, 30 July 2012

Desert Island Discs (well sort of)

I've just been browsing Maybellines Facebook page and one of the posts caught my eye.

They've claimed that a poll has revealed that 55% of ladies would take the mascara above all other beauty items to a desert island. With foundation at 21% and lipgloss at 20%.

This got me thinking about what I'd take. I'm really not confident with my skin so my must have item pin the desert would be foundation. Although if it was hot and I didn't have powder then it would slide right off!

Let's have a poll, what would be your must have item on an island. Beauty related or not?

Holiday Purchases

As you know I've just come back from Cornwall. While I was there I only purchased 4 things! I'm quite proud of myself.

A new photo frame from a shop in St Ives. Cost me £3.99. Now I need to find a pretty picture to put inside it.

A pillow/cuddly toy from Trago Mills. I adore this shop. It sells literally everything! I didn't need this but his face is so cute I couldn't resist :).

My only beauty and fashion related purchase. A new play suit from a brand called Yumi. It's green and floral with a collar and a key hole cut out at the top. Was a tad expensive, it cost me £45 but I still think it worth it!

And finally a pretty new iPhone case from the Cath Kidston. I treated myself to it as I've wanted one for ages. £24.99 and I think you could get it online.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week In Photos

Ive always wanted to find an app that makes it possible to do collages for week in photos posts and the other day I found a free one which is actually really good.

If anybody has any idea of another app that lets me have more than four photos then please let me know!

Soo pictures: FOTN when I went out last night, a collage of all the people that mean the most to me, a collage of my baby daisy :), what I plan to do before I go to work this afternoon: tv and jim jams (and a roast dinner as well).

Friday, 27 July 2012

Top 5 Thursday (on a Friday): New Look

Todays installment of Top 5 Thursday is a) A day late (im sorry) and b) from New Look.

I love New Look, its more affordable than Topshop and River Island yet is still on trend, I also love their basic pieces which are really good quality and their shoes are great! Talking of shoes, I bought a great pair from there the other day which I wore to my interview yesterday (more on that on Monday when ive found out if ive got the job or not). These shoes are just the epitome of loveliness, brown leather flats with a peep toe and woven detail! They were also a bargainour £24.99 so you cant complain :).

White Pattern (White) Cream Feather Print Belted Bandeau Maxi Dress | 260456819 | New Look

Cream Feather Print Belted Bandeau Maxi Dress - £22.99

Cream is a great shade for when the weather is lovely and sunny like it has been. A flowing maxi dress also lets the breeze in more than trousers so youll stay lovely and cool!

Cream (Cream) Cream Chunky Slub Pocket Knitted Jumper | 258053513 | New Look

Cream Chunky Slub Pocket Knitted Jumper - £22.99

I love warm, cosy knits and I can see this being a great transition peice from cool late summer evenings to when it starts getting chilly. If you layer it the right way it could also see you through to spring next year. Im truly tempted by this, you can never have to many jumpers!

Deep Red (Red) Extra Wide Fit Burgundy Tassel Pumps | 256646462 | New Look 

Extra Wide Fit Burgundy Tassel Pumps - £17.99

I saw these in store the other day and I fell in love with them, I tried them on with all the intention of buying them. I didnt think the fact that they were extra wide would make any difference but it really does. The size 4 was massive on me and they didnt have any 3's for me to try on. Just a word of warning to take caution if youre going to buy without trying on.

White (White) Jumpo White Heart Print Dress | 263760610 | New Look

Jumpo White Heart Print Dress - £24.99

I love the contrast of the hearts on the white background. The hearts are brown and green which I think is a lovely colour combination. Very summery indeed :)
Black (Black) Blink Black Leather Studded Ankle Boots | 258713601 | New Look
Blink Black Leather Studded Ankle Boots - £69.99

I love these, they would be perfect for the autumn months. The size of the heel on these is just enough to still be wearable during the day. The studs and the tassle give it that extra something,

So there we have it, a day late Top 5 Thursday. What have you been loving this week?

What I Wore

Think I might introduce a new series of posts entitled What I Word. Basically OOTD but with a different title!

Heres what I wore when a friend and I went for a game of bingo on Monday night (oh how cool we are).

The skirt is from Asda, the best is from H and M and the pumps are a Primark special.


New polishes that I bought for a pound on holiday.

La Femme Beauty in mint green and La Femme Beauty in grey.

Will be back with proper posts shortly. I'm still trying to get back in work mode!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Were Back In Business

Well hello there, im back, did you miss me?!

Ive just returned from two weeks in Cornwall. Me and the family go to Cornwall every year in our little caravan and this year I had such a great time.

It felt amazing to get away from it all, to just relax and not have to worry about anything...i went makeup free for most of the fortnight and it actually felt really good to go barefaced.

This is just to say that im back and am ready to get into full swing with posting regularly.

Have you got any summer holidays booked?

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Top 5 Thursday: River Island

This weeks installment of Top 5 Thursday comes from River Island.

It seemed as though I found it quite easy to pick my 5 this week, there wasnt as much new in stuff as previous weeks and what there was didnt really appeal to me. The only thing I found tough was picking the last item.

Brown Print Blazer - £45.00

Really like the print on this blazer, very 60's wallpaperish (not even a word!). Would lookg great with jeans and a tee shirt.

Cream Lace Necklace Peplum Top - £30.00

Every week ive shown you a white/ cream lacy thing..im not obsessed I promise you. The peplum on this top makes it bang on trend, its alsoabit dressier but not too dressy so could probably be worn from day to night.

Dark Green Maxi Skirt - £18.00

Some of the A/W stuff is starting to come in the shops now and I think this would make a great transition piece. Perfect for now when its still warm but not baking hot sunny weather and perfect for September time when it starts to cool down. You could probably even rock it in the winter as well!

Black Enamel Knot Earrings - £4.00

These are super bargainous and purse friendly at £4 and I couldnt resist them. Theyve got a vintage style and would add just enough to make any outfit :)

Black Zig Zag Print Cut Out Swimsuit - £25.00

When I first saw this I didnt even read that it was a swimsuit and thought it would look really good worn like a body suit underneath some trousers or jeans so that only the zig zag bit was visible. I suppose this is still doable but the material might be too clingy for some people to do that. Even so, as a swimsuit its stillreally cool and is made even more trendy by the cutouts on the side.

What is your favourite out of this top 5? What else are you lusting after this week?

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Recently I have been getting more into makeup and feel that to get a better result and easier application I should invest in some proper makeup brushes to make the job easier.

I dont have many brushes, just a bog standard one I use for all powder products (powder, blusher, bronzer), a cheapo eyeshadow brush which cost me £1.99 and then the most expensive brush I own..a Real Techniques stippling brush which I use for my foundation.

Since I bought these ive noticed my makeup has gone on better, but theyve also got really grubby so today they had their first proper wash.

Theyre currently drying but I took some pictures of what they looked like afterwards and What I actually used to wash them with.

Ive noticed that some people use baby shampoo to wash teir brushes, which I dont have around the house anyway but I saw somewhere on the internet that its better to use something with anti bacterial properties because brushes collect and breed germs so they need to be got rid of.

The handwash that we keep in the kitchen is anti bacterial and is the Astonish Milk and Honey handwash - this is relatively new but is cheap and can be picked up nearly anywhere.

I wet the brush with lukewarm water then wet my hand and squirted a few pumps into my hand. I took the brush and circled my palm, lathering up the handwash and making sure the brush gets really soapy.

I rinsed and then kept repeating until the water that was coming from the brush was clear.

Once they were thoroughly clean i reshaped them and placed them on a towel to dry overnight naturally.

As you can see, for such a simple technique they came out pretty clean! Im more impressed with my real techniques one because the white part of the bristles has actually come out white.

P.S I know this kind of post is pretty frequent among bloggers but Ive never done it before and was astounded at how easy it was, I always thought it would be difficult and I just wanted to share it among those who might never have done it.

If you do cleanyour brushes, what do you use?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Post Of Many Outfits

As Ive been promising for the past few posts, I owe all my lovely readers a number of different OOTN's. My two nights out in Lincoln and the outfit I wore to dinner last night to celebrate my final ever uni result.

I didnt manage to get any great photos of the outfits on the actual nights that I wore them but I have just stood in my room changing into all of them so you could see what I did wear.

My head is cut out of them because frankly, I look like a mess..I have rubbish hair and no make up on!

This first picture has been taken on my iPhone because I had just got to the last outfit and my camera run out of battery, im just waiting for it to charge a little bit so I can get the other photos from it.

Arghh this picture is so rubbish but it was the best of many! This was last nights outfit, me mum and dad went out for a celebratory meal.

I wore my nude pumps from primark, and old pair of Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans, a cute peter pan collar top from New Look which has tiny pink flowers on it and then just a beigey/ nude cardigan from H and M.

I aplogise for the huge crease in the top, my wardrobe is stuffed and things like this happen all the time!

The following two outfits are from my little trip to Lincoln. On both nights I wore the same shoes - to save space in the bag!.

Night out No 1 - Playsuit = Primark, Belt = New Look (came with a pair of chinos)

Night out No 2 = Playsuit from Internacionale

These are the shoes I wore on both nights, they are brown new look wedges - not sure if theyre real leather. I also wore these to the wedding a few weeks ago.

They start off being really comfortable but when you wear them from 7 till 3 two nights running, they tend to rub your feet..I have the worst blisters ever!

SO, these are my three outfit posts. I feel like its a bit of a mish mash but I hope you understand :)

Im also sorry for the photos of the two playsuits, its the first time ive taken pictures like that and its going to take some getting used to!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Results Day

I GOT A 2:1!

Sorry for that, im just so happy :). I now have a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Criminology.

To celebrate my results me and the parents are off out for dinner tonight. An excuse to dress up means an excuse to post outfit and makeup posts..so expect those later tonight.

Have any of you received your results yet?

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Update

I keep thinking about introducing regular posts so that I know what im posting on each day. Thursday is Top 5 Thursday and I was thinking that Sunday could be an update of everything Ive done this week and everything I hope to achieve in the following 7 days.

Ive seen a lot of these sorts of posts and think theyre a really good idea because it shows more about the blogger rather than just their beauty preferences.

I went to Lincoln on Monday and came back on Wednesday, while up there me and a friend who has just turned 18 went out and then she helped me move all my stuff out forever. We had a great time and ive made so many more memories to add on to the ones ive already got from the past three years. Lincoln I will miss you.

On Thursday I went for an informal interview for an Internship for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Say hello to the new Research Assistant for the charity. I didnt have a proper interview and I didnt apply the proper way because my my mum works for them, I went through the inside but they say its not what you know its who you know!

After the interview I went to the hairdressers and had all my locks chopped off which can be seen in a previous post.

Nothing else has really happened this week, ive just got back from work and ill soon be going to bed as Ive got to get up early tomorrow.

Monday is the biggest day of the next week. I start my internship, I have a hospital appointment (wish me luck!) and at 12pm my Uni Results come through.

Im so nervous, the ficure I see on the screen tomorrow is my final degree grade, and although it shouldnt I feel like this is going to affect the rest of my life.

What have you girlies got planned for the next week? Did you have a good week and weekend?