Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Update

I keep thinking about introducing regular posts so that I know what im posting on each day. Thursday is Top 5 Thursday and I was thinking that Sunday could be an update of everything Ive done this week and everything I hope to achieve in the following 7 days.

Ive seen a lot of these sorts of posts and think theyre a really good idea because it shows more about the blogger rather than just their beauty preferences.

I went to Lincoln on Monday and came back on Wednesday, while up there me and a friend who has just turned 18 went out and then she helped me move all my stuff out forever. We had a great time and ive made so many more memories to add on to the ones ive already got from the past three years. Lincoln I will miss you.

On Thursday I went for an informal interview for an Internship for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Say hello to the new Research Assistant for the charity. I didnt have a proper interview and I didnt apply the proper way because my my mum works for them, I went through the inside but they say its not what you know its who you know!

After the interview I went to the hairdressers and had all my locks chopped off which can be seen in a previous post.

Nothing else has really happened this week, ive just got back from work and ill soon be going to bed as Ive got to get up early tomorrow.

Monday is the biggest day of the next week. I start my internship, I have a hospital appointment (wish me luck!) and at 12pm my Uni Results come through.

Im so nervous, the ficure I see on the screen tomorrow is my final degree grade, and although it shouldnt I feel like this is going to affect the rest of my life.

What have you girlies got planned for the next week? Did you have a good week and weekend?

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