Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Recently I have been getting more into makeup and feel that to get a better result and easier application I should invest in some proper makeup brushes to make the job easier.

I dont have many brushes, just a bog standard one I use for all powder products (powder, blusher, bronzer), a cheapo eyeshadow brush which cost me £1.99 and then the most expensive brush I own..a Real Techniques stippling brush which I use for my foundation.

Since I bought these ive noticed my makeup has gone on better, but theyve also got really grubby so today they had their first proper wash.

Theyre currently drying but I took some pictures of what they looked like afterwards and What I actually used to wash them with.

Ive noticed that some people use baby shampoo to wash teir brushes, which I dont have around the house anyway but I saw somewhere on the internet that its better to use something with anti bacterial properties because brushes collect and breed germs so they need to be got rid of.

The handwash that we keep in the kitchen is anti bacterial and is the Astonish Milk and Honey handwash - this is relatively new but is cheap and can be picked up nearly anywhere.

I wet the brush with lukewarm water then wet my hand and squirted a few pumps into my hand. I took the brush and circled my palm, lathering up the handwash and making sure the brush gets really soapy.

I rinsed and then kept repeating until the water that was coming from the brush was clear.

Once they were thoroughly clean i reshaped them and placed them on a towel to dry overnight naturally.

As you can see, for such a simple technique they came out pretty clean! Im more impressed with my real techniques one because the white part of the bristles has actually come out white.

P.S I know this kind of post is pretty frequent among bloggers but Ive never done it before and was astounded at how easy it was, I always thought it would be difficult and I just wanted to share it among those who might never have done it.

If you do cleanyour brushes, what do you use?

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