Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites

Hell girls, Im keen on introducing regular blog posts and what better way to do this than with and end of the month favourites post. It means for certain that this blog will get at least one post a month and its not something that takes a long time to do! Bonus.

I cannot believe that we are nearly into the 8th month, over a halfway through 2012..its going so fast. 2012 has been a year with many changes and one of these is establishing my blog a bit more. Im getting there slowly but surely.

So, onto the favourites...these arent just beauty related theyre just random things that I have been loving.

                                                              (Lets see how big this picture turns out!)

First up is the W7 nail polish in Barbie Pink, Ive had this for ages and I dont know where I got it from. I also havent worn it in a while but ive recently rediscovered it and for the most of the month this has been the polish adorning my nails.

Secondly is my L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick in this lillacy pink colour. I got it around the time that the lipbutters came out as it has the same aim - moisturising and colouring. I didnt jump onto the lipbutter bandwagon and I didnt think that I needed to with this. This is a my lips but better colour and is easy and simple to slick on day after day when youre after natural make up. It even works on a night out when youre going for glam eye makeup.

In terms of skincare, ive recently found a routine that I love and this includes the Nivea Pure and Natural cleansing toner. I use this to both take my makeup off and to clean my skin. My skin is so weird and this is the only thing ive found that isnt too harsh and still does what it says on the tin. I know its a winner beceause im on my third bottle of the stuff and I always would have swiched the routine up before then.

The body lotion ive been loving this month is the Garnier Body 7 day gel. It has a really weird consistency - seen to be believed! Its surprisingly good, a little goes a long way and it sinks in soo quicly leaving no greasy residue

The last beauty related item on my list is this VO5 hairspray in ultimate hold. Not much I can really say about this, it holds my hair but doesnt make it go crunchy. Its easy to brush out and it surprisingly smells nice!

In terms of non beauty items in my July favourites list Ive been loving the latest You Me At Six album. I love love love You Me At Six and ive recently been to see them. I know this cd came out a while ago now but I still listen to it regurlarly and every time my ipod comes out ill be guranteed to listen to one of their songs.

Finally in this post is the most recent book by Sheila O Flanagan. Im a huge reader, I always have my nose stuck in a book. I read this on holiday and it tooke me about 2 days to read. Im a big fan of this author, so much so that Ive read all her past books and im always waiting for her to bring out more. Oh how I wish she would write faster!

What have you girls been loving? Do you like this kind of post? What would you think about me writing more varied posts on non beauty topics (book reviews etc)?


  1. I must agree with you on the Vo5 hairspray :) I always reach for that one out of my little collection, haha x

    1. This is the only one i own, im about to run out so ill definitely be repurchasing this! x

  2. That nail polish is a gorgeous summery colour! Loves it! :D xx

    1. Its beautiful, w7 isnt even that expensive which is a mega positive! x