Friday, 31 August 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Miss Selfridge

Untitled #8

Hello girlies. I know I really need to get my bum into gear, it isnt acceptable to keep posting my Top 5 Thursdays a day late. I just seem to forget what day it actually is. I suppose thats what comes with not having to get up for anything in the mornings, the days just blend into one another!
So anyway, this weeks Top 5 comes from Miss Selfridge. I very rarely shop there although im always lusting after the pieces that they have in. You will also notice a distinct autumnal/wintery theme with the clothes this week. Im over summer (what little one weve had) and cant wait for it to be acceptable to dig my coat out of the wardrobe. On a side note, I wished I had it on yesterday, my train was cancelled and then the next one delayed for an hour. I was saw on a freezing platform with just a flimsy cardigan keeping me from freezing to death!
Phoenix Jumper - £39.00 - Isnt this just the cutest jumper ever?! I love the look of the brown, orange and cream together. If its a really soft knit then im seriously tempted by this piece :)
Navy Bonded Duffle Coat - £65.00 - £65 is really reasonable for a good quality coat, I love this but wont be buying it because I bought a new coat last year which will see me through this winter as well. I do love duffle coats though, they remind me of Paddington Bear and reminiscing is always a lovely thing.
Knot Front Check Shirt - £32.00 - As ive said in a previous post, this Autumn im embracing my inner lumberjack. Im attracted to all things check and this shirt is no exception. I love the mix of colours and it looks so slouchy and comfortable.
Grey Dip Back Skirt - £20.00 - Now ive dipped a toe into the dipped hem trend I want to buy more pieces like this. Sometimes dipped hems and skirts in general can look a bit too dressy but with this being cotton I think it looks really casual and would look great with tights and biker boots in the winter.
Cream Cable Jumpers - £37.00 - Another trend I was obsessed with last year and which my love for has not died is Cable Knit Jumpers. Preferrably ones with high necks so I can layer them on top of shirts and have the collar over the top. I love cream as it helps to brghten you up on a dull day,plus it goes with every other colour. With this jumper in particular I love the fact that there are diamonds on the front panel and not anywhere else.
So there we have it, my top 5 picks from Miss Selfridge. My favourite piece out of these is the Phoenix jumper. Im seriously lusting after it!

10 Day Challenge: 8 Fears

Hello girlies, I hope youre all ok.

Today im back with the third installment of the 10 day challenge. Todays task is for me to tell you 8 of my fears. Ive said it before but I think this might be the hardest. Acknowledging my fears is something that I dont very often do and its not something that im relishing the thought of doing!

1) Im scared that Im not going to be able find a good enough job. Im not knocking working in retail but its just something that I dont want to be doing forever.
2) Im scared that ill grow old on my own and own ten cats to keep me company!
3) Im scared of spiders - the obvious one I know.
4) Im scared of my dog passing away, ive grown up with her and I dont want her to go.
5) Im scared of talking to people on the phone. I hate it and wish I could just talk to everyone face to face.
6) Im scared falling of my bike and getting seriously hurt. I knew someone that it happened to and now I hardly ever ride my bike.
7) Im scared that if im always this shy that Ill be held back by it and wont achieve everything I want to.
8) Im scared of not pleasing my mum and dad, even though they say theyre proud of me whatever I do.

So there we have it, come back tomorrow where ill reveal my 7 wants in life! Have you been inspired to do this 10 day challenge?

Thursday, 30 August 2012

10 Day Challenge: 9 Loves

Today is my second post in the 10 day challenge. The second post involves me listing 9 of my loves. I love a lot of things but I think this will be the same as yesterday,I found it really difficult to think of things to write!

1) I love the smell of petrol, working part time in a petrol station suits me down to the ground!
2) I love receiving lovely comments from readers, Im amazied that people actually read what I write.
3) I love 50s and 60s music. I dont have a clue whats in the charts at the minute and if I do know a song I couldnt tell you who sung it.
4) I love watching cheesy reality tv shows like TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.
5) I love eating..simple as!
6) I love the feeling of going into the shower with gross hair and washing all the dirt away and coming out with clean hair.
7) I love buying new things that I definitely do not need.
8) I love exercise even though I dont do it enough.
and finally
9) I love researching things, Ill get an idea in my head and then do as much research on it as possible. When I was younger I used to make little fact files!

So there we have it, 9 random things that I love. Have I inspired any of you to complete the 10 day challenge, link me to your posts below if I have :).

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

10 Day Challenge: Day 1

Ive just read Abi's post (here) where she has decided to start the 10 day challenge. I thought this was a great idea as it will help you to get to know me. I love being nosey and finding out about the girls behind the blog so I thought this would be a good thing to do.

Day one is ten secrets so here we go:

1) I get scared that I wont be successful in life
2) I wish I was creative enough to start a business selling things id made
3) I want to open a vintage clothes and homeware shop with my mum
4) Id love to have more friends, i find it difficult to overcome my shyness so people might think im standoffish but im not
5) I hate spiders
6) I feel really guilty when anything gets killed - yes even dirty flies!
7) Im a bit of a geek, I love history and I love knowing how things work
8) Im obsessed with LA and would love to visit
9) A romcom and some popcorn are the best night in ever
10) I was once bitten by a swan when I was younger!

So there we have it, my ten secrets. Most of these are on the negative side but my mind went blank and I couldnt think of anything to write :) Stay tuned for tomorrow ten day challenge post!
(Picture from we heart it)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mini Haul

Hi guys, im back today with a small post showing you the things ive purchased over the last few days.

Theres not a great deal here and all of it was on offer or cheaper than normal price. Bargain!
First up is the jeans, I went to a market on Bank Holiday Monday and one of the clothes stalls had a few pairs of these Next Skinnies. The original price was £24 but I managed to get these for £8. Theyre really really skinny and the front pocket has a zip, as does one of the back pockets. These were a well deserved purchase because the jeans I was wearing on Monday then got a hole in them!
Up next are these slipper shoes from Dorothy Perkins. Ive wanted to dip my toe (!) into this trend for a while but struggled to find a pair that I really liked, apart from the Topshop Vectras which were out of my budget. I went onto ebay and found these. The lady had bought them recently for £22 in a size 4 but then realised after wearing them that they were half a size too small for her so she put them up for sale. The dent in her bank account was lucky for me because they fit me perfectly and my winning bid was 99p with £2 p and p. I think this is the best bargain ive had all year - can anyone beat me?

Finally are these two Barry M polishes. I know my previous nail post was disparaging of my Barry M Peach Melba but I thought id give the brand another go. I picked up the shades Raspberry and Mushroom (which is quite an unusual shade which is hopefully quite nice). At the tills in Superdrug they have special offers on different products and the past few weeks there have been numerous Barry M polishes on 2 for £5. If im not mistaken a polish is £3.99 or £4.99 so youre basically getting a polish for free. I saw the Raspberry shade first which looked more maroony (my favourite colour) and gasped with delight (literally!!) and then decided to buy 2 shades.

So there we have it, my recent purchases. Theres not much but I love them all, and I saved some pennies while doing it which means my bank account loves me!

What have you been spending your pennies on recently?

Sunday, 26 August 2012


This is my second post for today and its going to be a quick one!

I am going to ask on twitter but ill also ask on here.

I went shopping yesterday and while in Superdrug I came across the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. I swatched and fell in love, theyre so much better than the stain and seperate balm. Theyre also currently on offer with £2 off which makes them £5.99. I swatched them all and I can decide which one to go for. I really liked the darkest shade (forget what its called) but im not sure if im brave enough.

So my question to you lovely readers is, if youve tried them, or if you havent, which shade would you recommend that I go for? Which colour has caught your eye the most?

Leave your answers in the comment section and ill be sure to look at them all.

Sunday Update

Afternoon girlies, Sunday has come around again. These weeks are going so fast, itll soon be christmas!

Its time for my weekly update post and to let you all know what ill be up to in the coming week.

Ive been to zumba twice, im desperately trying to lose all the weight ive put back on. Zumba is so fun but its not really doing anything in terms of weight loss. So along with my healthy eating im going to start doing other things. Ive dusted off my bike and thatll be getting a lot of action soon.

Wednesday was a lovely day, so warm and sunny so me and 2 friends took ourselves off to Hunstanton, our local seaside (anyone been there?). A great day filled with amusements, walking on the sand, the funfair and the obligatory fish and chips (NOT healthy - see above comment!). We played mini bowling which I lost and we also went on the dance achine -which I won three times. This makes me want toget my dance mat from the loft and play on that. Ive still got the skills...

Ive also been to bingo twice this week - im not addicted honestly. Yesterday saw me going to 'big' bingo where my luck refused to come out and I didnt win anything.

Im off to work soon and my dinner will soon be beckoning - yummy roast lamb.

The next week doesnt really hold much in store. We may be going to a local market for the bank holiday so if I pick anything up then ill do a haul post.

I have an interview on Tuesday so wish me luck and ill let you know about it on twitter and on here. Speaking of twitter, if you arent already following me then please feel free to do so @TheBeautyMix .

That about sums up this Sunday update post and to bring things to a close ill leave you with a cute picture of my baby Daisy, she likes to open the post! :)


Friday, 24 August 2012

Top 5 Thursday (Friday!) Very.Co.Uk

Top 5 Thursday:

Im currently sat here listening to a best of the 80s cd that I found in our conservatory. Im not really a fan of the 80s, id much rather listen to 50's and early 60's music but I am enjoying bopping around to some cheesy classics - Were the kids in America anybody?!
Im sorry that this wasnt posted yesterday, me, my mum and my mums friend went mooching around our local town and then we did the weekly food shop. I didnt buy anything unfortunately but I saw this great maroon jumper in New Look that id seen previously and im still lusting after it.
This weeks Top 5 installment is from I think I can honsetly say that Ive never bought anything from this website but when I do look on it there are always nice things. I also apologise for the state of the pictures above. Ive done the collage through Polyvore and I dont know why the models have gone so chunky! Makes me feel alright about my legs though haha.
1) TFNC Umbrella Skirt - £45.00 I love the colour of this skirt, and the fact that its sort of like a skater skirt but more poofy! This would look really great with a tan however I dont think my hips would agree with this, if I put this on id look as wide as a motorway!

2) Miss KG Felicity Wedge Boots - £80.00 Black ankle boots are perfect for the coming colder months. I think these would probably be too high for daytime but I love a pair of ankle boots for nights out and the wedge just makes it ten times easier to walk in. Such a simple design but I really like the contrasting silver zip.

3) Dune Bonty StuddedCourt Shoes - £85.00 The second pair of shoes in todays installment. Again, black heels. The studs on this arent spiky and are more toned down so perfect if your new to the stud trend. These would also pack a punch in the office but wouldnt be too fashion forward.

4) Love Label Geoprint Skater Dress - £35.00 Im not sure what it is about this dress that draws me to it. I love skater style dresses as they are the mose flattering on me and this print reminds me of some of the vintage shirts that Joey Essex brings out but I just couldnt stop looking at it. Out of all the items ive picked today this is the one im most tempted by!

5) Love Label Contrast Collar Skater Dress - £35.00 Again another skater dress - this Top 5 is all so samey..- I love maroon so this dress ticks a huge box. I really like the collar detail and the material of this dress is ridged which makes it thicker (and warmer for winter). This would look great with some thick black tights at the offic christmas party (too soon for ideas?)

So there we have it, this weeks Top 5 from Very.Co.Uk. I apologise for the fact that its all shoes and skater style bottoms but nothing else on the new in section really floated my boat this week!

What are you lusting after?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lime Jeans Through The Seasons

Lime Jeans through the seasons

Ive scheduled this post so hopefully it works!

I found these lime jeggings on the River Island Website (here) for £35 and really liked the vibrancy of the colour. This gave me an idea and I decided to style them for Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter (in that order in the picture).The other items pictured are from Asos, New Look and Topshop.

In the summer months I always think that white cannot be beaten so ive paired the jeggings with a loose, crisp vest and some white sandals.

In spring its time to ditch the coat but it can still be chilly so a cosy jumper is key, along with braving your toes in the open air.

When Autumn comes around, its time to start covering up and I dont think you can beat loafers for smart casual wear. I tried these on in Topshop and I love them. Ive also paired it with a denim shirt, and for extra chilly days a vest can be worn underneath.

Then around comes winter, snow and christmas. Boots are essential and ones you can wear with thick socks are even better. I love these boot and am tempted to splurge on them. Ive also added the coat from Topshop because im loving vintage shapes and this swing coat is very 60's. The fur also adds extra warmth! The colour of the jeggings adds some vital brightness in those days that can be dreadfully dull.

Do you like how ive styled these colourful jeggings?

Review: Vichy Normaderm Micellaire Solution

Hello girlies, Ive got a fab post for you today. I recently purchased the Vichy Normaderm Micellaire Water and im going to be reviewing it for you.

Im very much a lover of micellaire waters/solutions. Ive been using the Nivea cleasing toner for a while and love that it was so simple to use. When my bottle of the Nivea run out I thought id treat myself and go for a more expensive one, cue Vichy.

I love the bottle, the green colour is gorgeous and the writing on the front tells you everything you need to know. This particular one is for acne prone skin which is what I suffer with. Although I havent seen it help my spots Ive noticed that it hasnt broken me out.

The price of this is quite steep. I bought it in Boots for £10.50 (available here) but other people have reviewd even more expensive ones that this such as the Bioderma and they have raved about them so I thought id treat myself.

(List of ingredients and application instructions)

I can compare this to my Nivea one but im not going to today as Im planning a comparison post to come later.

I use this as my sole cleanser because I suffer with very sensitive skin and over washing it makes my face a nightmare so at nightime I cleanse and remove makeup with this and then just moisturise. As a stand alone product this is great at removing makeup. I use 2 cotton pads soaked in it (one for the top half of my face and one for the bottom half) and its really good at getting red of everything, I cant tell how great it is at removing eyeliner and mascara because I use a seperate eye makeup remover. Its not as thorough as proper face washes but I cant complain, what is left over hasnt broken me out so I see no reason to complain.

The only downside that I can really see to this product is the way it makes my face feel straight after use. It leaves skin feeling quite sticky and wet for a while after and although it does fade after about 30 minutes its still not a great feeling.

All in all, I still love micellaire solutions and this would be totally brilliant if it didnt leave a coating and stickiness on the skin. Id rate it 7 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a micellaire water in the medium price range.

Monday, 20 August 2012

My Makeup Today

Ooh second post this evening, arent we lucky?! Ive also just looked and this is my 50th post. What a momentous occasion!

I just thought id share with you what makeup products I wore today. This is basically my everyday makeup but sometimes I change blusher and lip product.
Ive really got back into this BB cream. When I first used it I didnt really notice a difference when it was on, maybe my skin has got better or something because this makes a better effect than it did before.

The products featured here are:

17 BB cream in Light
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Transluscent
Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba
Collection 2000 Super Size Mascara
17 Lip Stain in Berry Crush

These products create a really natural look which is perfect for day to day! This is what I wear day to day and then for night time I vamp it up with bold lipstick and gel eyeliner :).

Sorry for the rubbish photo, I had a good pic on my laptop but recently every time ive tried to upload pictures it says there is a problem with the server (any ideas on how to fix this?). To get this picture in the post ive had to download the Google+ App and upload it that way and somehow the quality has got worse?!

What do you wear day to day?

Weekly Update

Hello everyone, I keep meaning to do this post on Sunday evenings but I work on a Sunday and then sometimes me and some friends hit a local bingo in the evening so I dont get a chance to update all my lovely followers with whats been going on in my life.

Not much has been really happening in my world lately. Ive been working at my internship which is a lot of fun and is really interesting and on top of that Ive been looking for a proper job. Im finding it really hard though, I did a degree in Criminology and ideally I would like to work for the Border Agency but because its all Government operated theyre not hiring because of the recession. I came out of uni at the wrong time and this basically means that im now going to have to go for any job going.

On the upside, I do have an interview on the 29th for the post of Reperation Officer for the charity Catch 22 which is a young persons crime charity. It seems really interesting and so fingers crossed!

Apart from this not much has been happening. Ive taken up exercise to try and help with losing weight. Ive hit a plateu and im not really getting anywhere at the minute. Any tips?

Ill leave it at this for now. Do you enjoy reading more lifey posts like this or would you prefer specifically beauty related?

                                                                Hollie XO

Friday, 17 August 2012

What I Wore

Untitled #5

My outfit today which I wore when I went food shopping with my mum. I felt a bit like an 80's exercise fanatic with the whole trainers, socks, leggings and baggy sweater combo!

Im wearing converse, girls socks from Peacocks, black leggings from Sainsburys, a green vest from New Look and my white dipped hem jumper from Matalan.

I regretted wearing the jumper as I didnt realise it was so warm outside! I really like the feel of this outfit, comfy and casual yet still on trend.

I bought the jumper in a size 16 so it was really baggy :)

This is the most dressed up ive been all week but im off out tomorrow night with my tutu so that should be fun. Will take some pictures and post tomorrow.

                                                              Hollie XO

Ive Nailed It!

Sorry for the corny post title. As promised in a previous post and on twitter, ive applied my Barry M polish in Peach Melba and have taken photos to show you the result and give a quick review on it.

Like I mentioned before, I seriously do not remember buying this and I dont think ive ever applied it. The picture shows that the end result is very close to the colour in the bottle which is a positive point. The picture also looks as though application is really good.

I do have some negative points to make about this polish. I havent used a Barry M polish in a long time so im not sure if its their formula per se or if I just happened to pick up a dud one but this was crap to apply. This took 3 coats and in all honesty could have had a 4th before it was truly opaque. With three coats its a little streaky but theres so much polish on my nail that it took ages to apply and where ive knocked my nails when tacky there are smudges and scrapes (I only applied it at 11 am!). Another thing with this along with the streaks is that it was a bit stringy and kept getting all over my finger tips. Which goes some way to explaining the mess my fingers are in.

I love the colour and as always the price is fairly reasonable. My main problem with this was the application. If it was easier to apply then I would be completely happy. Maybe ill buy another summery colour and see how I get on with that!

                                                               Hollie XO

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Topshop

Top 5 Thursday: Topshop

1) Knitted Tweedy Jumper - £40.00 - This Top 5 is heavily influenced by the cold weather im anticipating this winter. I love colours in this and if its baggy then I think it would be perfect!

2)  Angora Stitch Jumper by Boutique - £65.00 - Like the jumper above this looks so cosy and would look even better with the remains of a summer tan. I can also imagine that this would be soft beyond belief because its Angora!

3) Fluorescent Boucle Peplum Top - £22.00 - The colour and the style of this top remind me of a time long ago. I love the vintage style and feel that this colour is really suitable for my skin tone! This is smart but is casual enough for daytime as well.

4) Embroidered Neon Backpack - £38.00 - As ive mention many times, I love aztec and I really want to embrace the backpack trend. What better way than with this beauty?!

5) Drawstring Leather Duffle Bag - £85.00 - OMG at the price of this but its gorgeous. Real leather which looks better with age, This would last you forever if it was looked after. Think pounds per wear and you start to see how good value it is.

So there we have it. My top 5 from Topshop. A few changes for you, Ive used Polyvore to do the pictures and then put my thoughts underneath. Do you like it like this?

What are you loving this week?

                                                             Hollie XO

Shopping My Stash

The other day I was sifting through my relatively small collection of beauty items. I keep everything beauty related in a small decorative suitcase and because there are no compartments for anything it does tend to get quite messy.
I took everything out and sorted it into categories. While I was doing this I realised that there was some stuff that I totally forgot I owned. This got me thinking, Ive taken some photos and these are things that Ive pledged to get more use out of.

First up is Benefit Browzings in medium. When I first purchased this I used it quite often yet Ive still barely made a dent in it. I do like defined brows during the day but I feel that on me it looks too overdone for daytime so I did keep this just for nights out. It worked its way to the bottom of the case and I havent used it in a few months. Im going to persevere with this and where it during day.

Secondly is these unbranded lemon scented nail polish remover pads. These smell gorgeous and do the job that they set out to do. The only downside with these is that theyre quite greasy but a quick handwash sorts out that. The fact that I stopped using these for a while is simply that I forgot about them and just started reaching for a normal bottle of remover.
This is the one product out of all mentioned today that I did honestly forget that Id bought, I cant even really remember buying it but im exited to try it out when I paint my nails this evening. Ill do a NOTD and show you what it looks like and my feelings on the polish.

The only skincare item in my stash is this Superdrug Vitamin E brand day cream with SPF 15. I went through a phase of loving the whole brand of this and my skincare routine was made up entirely of this. When things were replaced this got shoved away and forgotten about. I have been using this for the past few days and im really enjoying using it. Its moisturising but doesnt leave me feeling greasy.

The last makeup item in the stash is this Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory. I used to obsess over this foundation. Great coverage and on the right side of dewy it was something that I would reach for everyday. Ive got half a bottle left so im going to start reaching for this again.

The final thing that Im going to start using up is my Lacoste Touch of Pink Perfume (no picture as my camera is playing up!). I have a love hate relationship with this. Sometimes I love the smell and sometimes I find it really horrible. Ive had it for ages but fortunately it hasnt gone off which sometimes fragrances do. Ill try and get rid of this without wasting it but I dont think that ill repurchase this as there are other smells that I prefer more.

Would you be interested in seeing reviews of any particular items ive mentioned in this post or anywhere on my blog? Just leave a comment below and Ill write one out :).

                                                                                Hollie XO

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Lip Product Collection

Hello, today Im going to write a post on my collection of lip products. In no way am I boasting, I dont feel that this is a lot, and none of them cost more than £5 anyway! I really like reading other bloggers posts like these so I though it would be an interesting thing to do.

Im not really a lipbalm fan as I dont suffer with particularly dry lips. The vaseline is the only lipbalmy type thing I own, even though I read somewhere that vaseline doesnt actually help to moisturise lips. This is the rosy lips one and I only really use it for the subtle colour that it gives.

In terms of Lipgloss (something else I very rarely wear) I own 2. One is a Rimmel Vinyl lipgloss which claims to give high shine. The other is a Natural Collection one in the shade Fondant. Theres something about this that doesnt really look good on its own but im persevering with it and trying to find some other lip product that it looks good paired with.

I own two lip stains. The GOSH one is a bright fuschia pink colour that I dont wear very often and the 17 one is in Berry Crush. I wear this nearly everyday as it colours my lips but isnt too obvious a colour. Its perfect for a natural looking lip. The 17 one also has a balm on the other end which is surprisingly good.

The 4th pircture shows the 2 lonely lip liners that I have. Ive never worn them in my life. The red was given to me by my mum as a christmas makeup hamper present and is from the brand Oriflame. I swatched this the other day and it is actually a really nice colour. The second lip liner is a brown(!) LA Colours one and cost me £1. Who in their right mind would own a brown lip liner you ask. Not me, I only bought this because I was dressing up as Simba and I needed some whiskers. I didnt even end up dressing up so that was a bit of a waste...

The only other lip products I own are these lipsticks. The most expensive one here is either the Topshop one (with the black stripy casing) or the Loreal Rouge Caresse (4th one in). In order of the picture there is: 3 red lipsticks - A wild and Crazy one which I recieved in the hamper present mentioned earlier, an Oriflame one which was 50p in the sale and an LA Colours one which cost £1.

Next is my Rouge Caresee one in shade 101 Tempting Lilac. If I dont wear the 17 stain then I wear this. Those 2 are my everyday lip colours. After this is my only MUA lipstick in shade 7. I bought this ages ago on a whim and im not realy sure if it suits me!

Next up is the newest addition to the collection which also features in my haul post from Saturday. I bought this in a 3 pack of products from Poundland and although there is no brand I have a feeling it might be Tesco (Vivo). Its in hot pink shine and although bright it is very wearable for during the day.

The one with the lovely floral packaging is an Accesorize one which I purchased in the sale for £3 (dont quote me on that). Its Lovestruck shade 8 and is a hot pink colour which Ive worn on nights out a few times.

The final two are the great Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock which is a bright pink but is quite an unusual colour. I love the colour payoff of this and it glides on easily. Im currently lusting after Infrared so I might treat myself when I get to a big enough Topshop.

The final lipstick in my collection is a Miss Sporty one in 009 Innocence. This is a bubblegum pink and is great for a pop of colour. Im not sure if it is a bit pale so to balance it out I put a dark product on the bottom and then a slick of this over the top. It smells gorgeous - like watermelon and I could seriously sniff it all day! 

(From Left to Right are the same lipsticks in the same order as the picture above)

So there we have it, my lip product collection ranging from balms to stains to glosses and lipsticks. It might be a sizeable enough collection but im not really a lip product junkie and im much more comfortable with a natural lip. Im currently on the hunt for the perfect nude lipshae which is something missing from my collection. If anyone has any suggestions then let me know!

What kind of posts would you be interested in seeing?

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Pink Skinny Jean

Sunday (Monday!) Update

Wet Daisy dog looking evil/Nail polish of the week (NYC Lavender polish)/MY home made loaf of bread

Sorry im writing this on a Monday. Yesterday was hectic and I didnt even manage to switch my laptop on! There arent many pictures from the past week as I was quite boring and didnt really get up to much.

The nail polish youve seen before as it featured in my NOTD on friday. The polish is still going strong and is still chip free which is really surprising as I normally only get one or two days wear out of polish.

If you follow me on Twitter (@TheBeautyMix) or on Instagram (Hollieee1) then you wouldve seen the load of bread. It was thoroughly yummy and was even better when it had just come out of the oven. I love baking but I cheated with this and it was one of those packet mixes where you just add water :).

My dog doesnt normally look this evil, we had just finished playing the water game (very technical, involving following the stream of the hosepipe and trying to eat the water) and she got soaked. Shes so skinny when shes wet yet apparantly shes overwight.

I dont really have much planned for this week, just my internship. Although I am starting my keep fit routine. Ive been inspired by the Olympics. Im starting shred and sticking to it and when I get some proper trainers im taking up running!

Did you have a good weekend? Watch the closing ceremony?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

What I Bought: Todays Haul (Picture Heavy)

Hello, have we all enjoyed the lovely weather?

Today me, my mum and my dad went to one of the towns close to use for a day out shopping. The main reason we went wad to buy dad a new suit for my graduation ceremony in September but Ill never turn down an excuse to go shopping!

I splurged a little, I dont feel quilty though because I recently won £140 at bingo and everybody has to treat themselves and spend the pennies once in a while. I justified it by saying "I dont go shopping every week!".

Ill show you everything I bought, most of it is fashion and beauty related but I also bought a few books in a chartiy shop.

I love Marian Keyes books, so much so that Ive read nearly all of them so this was an obvious choice to add me huge collection of books. Marian Keyes cost me £1.25 and the Milly Johnson book was 75p.

I mooched around Boots and picked up my favourite ever eye makeup remover from Nivea (£3.90). I also needed a new Micellar Water which I use to cleanse (I dont double cleanse). I used to use a Nivea one but thought Id treat myself to a Vichy one (£10.50).

Next up was Poundland, on the hunt for the Stila stuff that they have at the minute. Unfortunately they didnt have any but I did pick up 4 things.

I got a multipack of items which included a lovely pale pink George at Asda nail polish. This pack also included an unbranded purple/blue eye liner pencil. Im not too keen on this but it might be nice in a smokey eye. The pack also included this Vivo (Tesco) blush which comes with a brush. I like the look of this so I cant wait to try it out as ive never used any Vivo make up (The top 2 swatches are the eyeliner and the blush, the bottom is the lipstick in the next photo). In another pack on its own was this pink lipstick. It isnt clearly branded but I have a feeling that it is again Vivo. I couldnt really tell what colour this was as the packaging doesnt match but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it.

Now onto the clothes...

Again from Poundland is this tacky tutu. The only reason I put my hand in my purse for this is because I have a hen night next weekend and they are a must. I detest dressing up so im not really looking forward to it! Vodka will be my best friend HA!

While in Peacocks I picked up some frilly ankle socks to wear with my Converse, Ive been meaning to pick up Topshop ones but havent been able to find any recently. These ones were £3.50 for a pack of 3 and are little girls ones but they still fit.

My most expensive purchase of today was this River Island dipped hem dark grey marl jersey dress. It was £30 and I love the fit of it when its on. This is my first forray into the dipped hem trend and im hooked.

Now onto the loveable Primarni. These wedges look supercomfy (and super high!) and theyre in my favourite colour burgundy. I also bought a mans hoody in burgundy and a mans flannel checked shirts - I think ill be embracing lumberjack chic come autumn and winter.

Finally the last stop on my shopping journey was at Matalan where I picked up this white jumper for £14, its soft and comy and I picked it up in a size 16 so it would be fashionably baggy on me and I can wear it with leggings.

Have you been shopping this weekend? What do you think of my haul?