Friday, 17 August 2012

What I Wore

Untitled #5

My outfit today which I wore when I went food shopping with my mum. I felt a bit like an 80's exercise fanatic with the whole trainers, socks, leggings and baggy sweater combo!

Im wearing converse, girls socks from Peacocks, black leggings from Sainsburys, a green vest from New Look and my white dipped hem jumper from Matalan.

I regretted wearing the jumper as I didnt realise it was so warm outside! I really like the feel of this outfit, comfy and casual yet still on trend.

I bought the jumper in a size 16 so it was really baggy :)

This is the most dressed up ive been all week but im off out tomorrow night with my tutu so that should be fun. Will take some pictures and post tomorrow.

                                                              Hollie XO

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