Thursday, 16 August 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Topshop

Top 5 Thursday: Topshop

1) Knitted Tweedy Jumper - £40.00 - This Top 5 is heavily influenced by the cold weather im anticipating this winter. I love colours in this and if its baggy then I think it would be perfect!

2)  Angora Stitch Jumper by Boutique - £65.00 - Like the jumper above this looks so cosy and would look even better with the remains of a summer tan. I can also imagine that this would be soft beyond belief because its Angora!

3) Fluorescent Boucle Peplum Top - £22.00 - The colour and the style of this top remind me of a time long ago. I love the vintage style and feel that this colour is really suitable for my skin tone! This is smart but is casual enough for daytime as well.

4) Embroidered Neon Backpack - £38.00 - As ive mention many times, I love aztec and I really want to embrace the backpack trend. What better way than with this beauty?!

5) Drawstring Leather Duffle Bag - £85.00 - OMG at the price of this but its gorgeous. Real leather which looks better with age, This would last you forever if it was looked after. Think pounds per wear and you start to see how good value it is.

So there we have it. My top 5 from Topshop. A few changes for you, Ive used Polyvore to do the pictures and then put my thoughts underneath. Do you like it like this?

What are you loving this week?

                                                             Hollie XO

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