Friday, 31 August 2012

10 Day Challenge: 8 Fears

Hello girlies, I hope youre all ok.

Today im back with the third installment of the 10 day challenge. Todays task is for me to tell you 8 of my fears. Ive said it before but I think this might be the hardest. Acknowledging my fears is something that I dont very often do and its not something that im relishing the thought of doing!

1) Im scared that Im not going to be able find a good enough job. Im not knocking working in retail but its just something that I dont want to be doing forever.
2) Im scared that ill grow old on my own and own ten cats to keep me company!
3) Im scared of spiders - the obvious one I know.
4) Im scared of my dog passing away, ive grown up with her and I dont want her to go.
5) Im scared of talking to people on the phone. I hate it and wish I could just talk to everyone face to face.
6) Im scared falling of my bike and getting seriously hurt. I knew someone that it happened to and now I hardly ever ride my bike.
7) Im scared that if im always this shy that Ill be held back by it and wont achieve everything I want to.
8) Im scared of not pleasing my mum and dad, even though they say theyre proud of me whatever I do.

So there we have it, come back tomorrow where ill reveal my 7 wants in life! Have you been inspired to do this 10 day challenge?

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