Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lacura (Aldi) Duo Eyeshadow In Orchid

Hi girlies, have we all had a lovely Saturday? My day consisted of cleaning food shopping and doing the 30 day shred!

Trivial you may say but no. As we know Aldi is famed for its moisturiser and for some snake bite serum but today I picked up a duo eyeshadow in the colour Orchid. My mum happens to go food shopping there every week and each time I walk past the miniscule make up section I always swatch things on the back of my hand.

Today I caved and picked up this beauty...

This eyeshadow cost £1.99 and theres always loads everytime I go to Aldi so I dont think theyll run out anytime soon.

I havent had time to use it so this is just a quick first impression. I like the packaging its plastic but has a mirror effect. It will obviously get extremely smothered in finger marks but when its all shiny and new I cant resist it! The plastic is also quite sturdy and doesnt feel as though its going to snap at the hinges anytime soon.

When you open the lid youre greeted by a mirror which is a surprise as for something so cheap you dont expect much :)

It comes with one of those sponge applicators, I probably wont use it but they always work perfectly fine.

In terms of the colours, they seem to be finely milled and although a little bit shimmery there is no huge chunks of glitter which is a bonus. The picture of my fingers shows just one swipe (technical!) in the product so first impressions tells me that colour pay off is good.

The two colours in this Orchid Duo (there are three other colour combinations) are a champagney/creamy colour which seems good for inner corner highlighting and another colour which is hard to describe. In the pan it seems to be a plummy colour, on my fingers in this picture its a charcoal grey colour and on my arm it reminds me of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze - although ive never swatched the Maybelline, im just going from pictures ive seen on other blogs.

It may be a difficult colour to define but I can imagine that this would make a great smokey eye or be a really pretty colour when patted into the upper or lower lash line.

Im really looking forward to using it and I cant wait to feature it in FOTD posts :)

Have you tried any Aldi beauty products?

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