Friday, 3 August 2012

Review: Superdrug Gradual Tanning Lotion

It feels like ages since Ive done a review. I was thinking of things I could post about and this popped in to my mind.

Summer is always the time for faking the tan (and staying safe in the sun) but with the weather as unpredictable as it is at the moment it is even more likely that people will want to fake the tan and look like theyve just jetted back from the Bahamas - oh how one can dream!

There are two main kinds of tan on the market. The instant tan (St Tropez and St Mortiz) and the gradual moisturising body lotion with a hint of sun kissedness.

Today Ill be reviewing Superdrugs own addition to the market. This was released afew months ago and I purchased it relativly soon after it was launched. If my memory serves me correctly it was £1.99 so it hardly breaks the bank!

This lotion claims to be a gradual tan body lotion and comes in one suitable for light to medium skin and one for darker skin tones. The two photos show what the label looks like and the one on the right shows the colour of the lotion when it comes out of the bottle (excuse the mess - you dont actually go this colour!)


I havent really smelt many fake tans and tanning lotions but the infamous biscuit smell is something that nobody wants to pong of when they tan.

This isnt biscuity when its first applied, its got a slightly fruity smell and I actually quie like it. However I put this on before a night out and when I woke up the next morning I did smell a bit like a Rich Tea although it wasnt that noticeable.


This applies really smoothly, it is really moisturising and if applied regularly I think it would eliminate dry patches quite effectively. The only downside to application that I can think of is that as it is white and the colour doesnt show up straight away you have to be really careful when applying it. Who wants pesky white patches, certainly not me! When I did apply this I unfortunatley was a bit rubbish on my feet and my toes were a bit patchy!


The result of this is what really surprised me the most. Many gradual tanners ive seen tell us to expect results after about the third application. Not this one, Nuh Uh. As ive said, I put this on before a night out and I was slightly browner when I got in the taxi and by the time I was awake the next morning I was so tanned. It really was very noticeable and if im honest not in a very good way. The final result was a bit orange and because of this I think youd have to apply it really sparingly (maybe I whacked too much on, who knows?!)

Now I know what result I got from using this, im not actually sure if I would repurchase. You cant go wrong for the price and if you were more experienced in fake tan application then the result might be better.

I used St Moritz the other day and the application and result with this was a lot more professional so im a bit sat on the fence as to which one is better.

Overall I would give this product a 3/5 with some room for improvement!

What kind of fake tan do you prefer or are you pale and interesting?


  1. Don't really fake tan, I'm not pale but I've got a natural tan I'd like to think hehe :p, loving your blog, so lovely

    I'm following you now, hope for a follow back!
    Arwa ♥

    1. I dont fake tan much either and when I did with this it was a bit disatrous!

      Id love to have a natural tan, I look like a ghost lol.

      Thanks for following, ill check out your blog now :) x