Thursday, 30 August 2012

10 Day Challenge: 9 Loves

Today is my second post in the 10 day challenge. The second post involves me listing 9 of my loves. I love a lot of things but I think this will be the same as yesterday,I found it really difficult to think of things to write!

1) I love the smell of petrol, working part time in a petrol station suits me down to the ground!
2) I love receiving lovely comments from readers, Im amazied that people actually read what I write.
3) I love 50s and 60s music. I dont have a clue whats in the charts at the minute and if I do know a song I couldnt tell you who sung it.
4) I love watching cheesy reality tv shows like TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.
5) I love eating..simple as!
6) I love the feeling of going into the shower with gross hair and washing all the dirt away and coming out with clean hair.
7) I love buying new things that I definitely do not need.
8) I love exercise even though I dont do it enough.
and finally
9) I love researching things, Ill get an idea in my head and then do as much research on it as possible. When I was younger I used to make little fact files!

So there we have it, 9 random things that I love. Have I inspired any of you to complete the 10 day challenge, link me to your posts below if I have :).

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