Saturday, 11 August 2012

What I Bought: Todays Haul (Picture Heavy)

Hello, have we all enjoyed the lovely weather?

Today me, my mum and my dad went to one of the towns close to use for a day out shopping. The main reason we went wad to buy dad a new suit for my graduation ceremony in September but Ill never turn down an excuse to go shopping!

I splurged a little, I dont feel quilty though because I recently won £140 at bingo and everybody has to treat themselves and spend the pennies once in a while. I justified it by saying "I dont go shopping every week!".

Ill show you everything I bought, most of it is fashion and beauty related but I also bought a few books in a chartiy shop.

I love Marian Keyes books, so much so that Ive read nearly all of them so this was an obvious choice to add me huge collection of books. Marian Keyes cost me £1.25 and the Milly Johnson book was 75p.

I mooched around Boots and picked up my favourite ever eye makeup remover from Nivea (£3.90). I also needed a new Micellar Water which I use to cleanse (I dont double cleanse). I used to use a Nivea one but thought Id treat myself to a Vichy one (£10.50).

Next up was Poundland, on the hunt for the Stila stuff that they have at the minute. Unfortunately they didnt have any but I did pick up 4 things.

I got a multipack of items which included a lovely pale pink George at Asda nail polish. This pack also included an unbranded purple/blue eye liner pencil. Im not too keen on this but it might be nice in a smokey eye. The pack also included this Vivo (Tesco) blush which comes with a brush. I like the look of this so I cant wait to try it out as ive never used any Vivo make up (The top 2 swatches are the eyeliner and the blush, the bottom is the lipstick in the next photo). In another pack on its own was this pink lipstick. It isnt clearly branded but I have a feeling that it is again Vivo. I couldnt really tell what colour this was as the packaging doesnt match but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it.

Now onto the clothes...

Again from Poundland is this tacky tutu. The only reason I put my hand in my purse for this is because I have a hen night next weekend and they are a must. I detest dressing up so im not really looking forward to it! Vodka will be my best friend HA!

While in Peacocks I picked up some frilly ankle socks to wear with my Converse, Ive been meaning to pick up Topshop ones but havent been able to find any recently. These ones were £3.50 for a pack of 3 and are little girls ones but they still fit.

My most expensive purchase of today was this River Island dipped hem dark grey marl jersey dress. It was £30 and I love the fit of it when its on. This is my first forray into the dipped hem trend and im hooked.

Now onto the loveable Primarni. These wedges look supercomfy (and super high!) and theyre in my favourite colour burgundy. I also bought a mans hoody in burgundy and a mans flannel checked shirts - I think ill be embracing lumberjack chic come autumn and winter.

Finally the last stop on my shopping journey was at Matalan where I picked up this white jumper for £14, its soft and comy and I picked it up in a size 16 so it would be fashionably baggy on me and I can wear it with leggings.

Have you been shopping this weekend? What do you think of my haul?

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