Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Boots Smooth Care Wax Strips

Hello, today I will be reviewing these Boots own Smooth Care Wax Strips for sensitive skin (which can be purchased here for £2.74, they were originally £5.49).

I recently bought these while I was on holiday in Cornwall, Ive never really tried waxing my legs so I thought id give it a go.

First impressions with this product were not really that great. Im not sure if it is just my leg hair but I used about 4 strips (out of a pack of 20!) on the bottom half of my right leg and I still didnt get all the hair. I dont have hair of ape like proportions so I expected the strips to do a better job than that.

Im not moaning about the pain because thats a given when you rip the hair out of the follicle. My main gripe with this product is the small amount of hair that is pulled out with each strip. Ive never had my legs professionally waxed but I assume that you get more hair out of 4 strips than you do with this. I wasnt expecting professional results but I was expecting better than I got.

Im not sure whether someone with fair hair or with less hair on their legs would get better results but if im honest I wouldnt really recommed these. Either go to a professional or if youre not botheres by waxing then just use a razor - more effective and certainly less painful!

P.S sorry about the stock photo, I through the product out when I realised they werent all that :)

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