Monday, 13 August 2012

Sunday (Monday!) Update

Wet Daisy dog looking evil/Nail polish of the week (NYC Lavender polish)/MY home made loaf of bread

Sorry im writing this on a Monday. Yesterday was hectic and I didnt even manage to switch my laptop on! There arent many pictures from the past week as I was quite boring and didnt really get up to much.

The nail polish youve seen before as it featured in my NOTD on friday. The polish is still going strong and is still chip free which is really surprising as I normally only get one or two days wear out of polish.

If you follow me on Twitter (@TheBeautyMix) or on Instagram (Hollieee1) then you wouldve seen the load of bread. It was thoroughly yummy and was even better when it had just come out of the oven. I love baking but I cheated with this and it was one of those packet mixes where you just add water :).

My dog doesnt normally look this evil, we had just finished playing the water game (very technical, involving following the stream of the hosepipe and trying to eat the water) and she got soaked. Shes so skinny when shes wet yet apparantly shes overwight.

I dont really have much planned for this week, just my internship. Although I am starting my keep fit routine. Ive been inspired by the Olympics. Im starting shred and sticking to it and when I get some proper trainers im taking up running!

Did you have a good weekend? Watch the closing ceremony?

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