Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Skin Care Routine

Ooh second post in a day!

Thought id do a quick post on my everyday skin care routine, im actually supposed to be getting ready to go out but hey ho..

I suffer with facial psoriasis and when that flares up my nose and forehead are so sore and sensitive. Im also on medication for acne (im 21 arghh!) so as you can tell the less I put on my face the better, and the more natural they are the better as well.

I use 5 things on my face daily, this is a mixture of stuff that I use both in the morning and at night time.

In the morning I fill the sink with warm water and use a clean flannel to wash my face, not soap or cleanser or anything. This leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight which is good.

After this, if my psoriasis is flaring up I use the Betnovate in the white bottle on the patches. Its technically not for the face but its the only thing that gets rid of it as none of my doctors think its a problem to have a scaly face.

After washing my face I use the Nivea lotion, my mum uses and I used to and noe ive got back into it. Its moisturises well but doesnt leave skin looking greasy. It also sinks in really easily.

When it comes to night time, I use the Pure and Natural Cleansing Toner to clean my face. By this I mean it take my make up off and then I dont do anything else. Ive never double cleansed in my whole life!

To remove my eye makeup I use the Nivea visage remover, its the only one ive ever used and I dont feel the need to test others as this one does the trick. It doesnt sting or anything. After all makeup has come off I moisturise with the Nivea lotion again.

And there we have it, my really simple but effective daily skin care routine. I know I use A LOT of Nivea products but I just think theyre one of the best brands out there. No way have I been sponsered by anyone to write this post!!

What skincare routine do you follow? Are you continuously changing it?

Whats In My Bag?

Ive always loved watching Whats in my bag/ purse videos on Youtube but I very rarely see them floating around on blogs in picture format.

When I was reading through my feed I saw Izzy from 901Lovely had done a post on it. This made me want to do I did!

 This ismy bag. I bought it a few weeks ago from the Cath Kidston outlet store in St Neots. I think all the stuff in the shop is from last years stock but it doesnt bother me if I can get it cheaper.

It was price marked £30 but the shop was selling at £20 which is reasonable for a good quality bag. I wanted a straw bag last summer and never got round to purchasing one.

The bag itself is straw (obviously!) with pink woven handles which is a nice touch. Inside the bag is another bag. This has one of the iconic

Cath Kidston floral prints on it. It also has a handle and a drawstring so all your stuff is protected from thieving hands haha. This part of the bag is the one with the Cath Kidston label and everything on it.

This bag is quite big which means I can fit a load of crap in it that I dont actually need.

Im going to split the following pictures in to two sections. The first of stuff that happens to be in my bag now but arent in there all the time and the second will be stuff that is in there all the time that I carry around with me everyday.

Temporary Bag Items...

I dont know why this photo has come out sideways but I dont know how to change it.

First in this photo is One Day on DVD, I went round a friends house last night and she let me borrow this as I havent seen it yet.

Secondly is Marcus Collins on CD, I love this guy..hes so good..Im gutted that hes performing at our local festival and im on holiday then so I cant go. The CD is here because I sorted out my car this morning and I wanted to bring it in to listen to in my room so I just shoved it in my bag.

Finally are some random reciepts..I get a certain amount at the bottom of my bag and then every few days I sort them out and chuck them/ shred them. Theres also a random 5p which is now in my money box.

Permanent Bag Items...

This is the stuff that I carry with me all the time, its surprisingly not heavy!

I have a brown notepad and pen for making lists, I also have my diary from oxfam (the pink thing)..I dont particularly need these but I always have them just in case.

On the top is my Cath Kidston umbrella that I recieved at christmas and down the side is my glasses case (im not obsessed by Cath Kidston lol!)

The blue thing under the diary is a packet of tissues - always handy (!)

Next to this is my Anna Sui purse with cute bunnies and dogs on it.
Along the bottom row are my car and house keys, my iPod headphones, a tin of Nivea and a tin of Vaseline and finally my iPhone.

Do you like Whats In My Bag posts...if youve already done one then link me to them in the comments section below!

Friday, 29 June 2012

New Hair

Hello girlies. As promised, a picture of my new hair.

I've given it a straighten and sorted my fringe out and now I love it even more!

The fringe is the same but the length is a lot shorter. I've also had some long layers to give it some shape.

Sorry for the posey car photos but I was waiting for my mum and was bored!

Do you like loner or shorter hair?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Upcoming Posts

I got back from Lincoln on Wednesday and have a few ideas of posts I want to do.

Ill post a few pictures of the outfits I wore on both nights out and how I did my hair and makeup.

I also treated myself to a haircut today as its been so long since I had one. I went for the chop and the change is dramatic (Well I think it is!). Pictures will follow in the next day or two when Ive had time to restraighten my fringe because she didnt do it how I like it (im picky I know haha).

What kind of posts would you rather see on here? Fashion, Makeup or a mixture of both?

Top 5 Thursday: New Look

Hey girlies, are we all ok?

I had a great time in Lincoln and a post with photos of the outfits I wore will follow soon.

I was just sat watching tv and realised that today is Thursday and that I hadnt even thought about doing the Top 5 post.

Todays post shows my top 5 items from the new in section of New Look.

White Pattern (White) White Floral Print Chiffon Dress | 258043719 | New Look

White Floral Print Chiffon Dress - £24.99

I love this floral dress. At first glance it looks like a regular floral pattern but when I zoomed in on the internet, it has really large butterfly's all over it which makes it seem more 'out there' and more fashion forward.

Red Pattern (Red) Parisian Printed Palazzo Trousers | 260639569 | New Look

Parisian Printed Palazzo Trousers - £14.99

Again with the florals! Love floaty trousers as theyre nice and cool in the hopefully hot weather :).

Navy (Blue) Fiorelli Cecilia Contrast Bowler | 258339141 | New Look
Fiorelli Cecilia Contrast Bowler - £58.99

This is a bit expensive for a bag and so I would never buy it but I love the contrast between the blue and the yellow. It looks pretty roomy which is also a plus.

Stone (Stone ) Stone Large Zip Tassel Tote  | 245374516 | New Look
Stone Large Zip Tassel Tote - £24.99

Another bag, this one is more affordable and would go with more of my wardrobe becasue of the neutral colours. I love the tassel and I love the zip along the front of the bag.

Mint Green (Green) Apricot Mint Green Polka Dot Dress | 259654037 | New Look
Apricot Mint Green Polka Dot Dress - £20.00 (was £29.00)

Ive got no idea why this is on sale when its supposedly new in. I think this is my favourite piece of the Top 5. I love mint green, I love collars, I love the dipped hem and I love the gold buttons. Seriously, seriously tempted by this!

So there we have it. The second installment of weekly Top 5's. What is on your lust list this week?

Monday, 25 June 2012


Hello, this is just a quik post to let you all know that me and a friend are heading back to Lincoln for a few days. Well be hitting the town and then on Wednesday my mum is coming to help us pack up the last of my stuff to bring back home again.

This means that unfortunately I wont be able to post anything while im away so itll be all quiet on the western front!

When I get back on wednesday, Ill do a further update post...including the outfits I wore and the makeup I sported..and maybe the odd drunken snap or two!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and now its back to the grindstone..

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Review: Collection 2000 Mascara

During my mooch around Superdrug yesterday I picked up a new mascara. Ive worn it today and thought id do a quick review on it.

(Image C/O Google)

I picked up the Collection 2000 Supersize Fat Lash Mascara which cost me £2.99.

This review wont have any pictures of the results because by the time id decided to review the product it was starting to get dark and I couldnt get any good pictures.

Obviously you can't complain about the price, £2.99 is a real bargain. When I saw how much it cost I didnt hold out much hope for the quality of the product but I was wrong.

The wand is an old style bristle brush rather than the new fangled plastic ones. I dont really have a preference as to which one is better so I wasnt bothered by this.

My previous mascara was the new Maybelline one with fibres in it (forget what its called!) and without fail, everytime I wore it, after a few hours it would smudge on my eye but this one lasted shift at work and then a game of bingo and it didnt smudge at all!

Another positive is that it doesnt clump the lashes together, it clearly seperates them and gives them a nice curl.

The one downside, I feel, is that for a night out it would need more than one coat but for during the day one coat is enough.

All in all I would definitely recommend this for anyone on the hunt for a good mascara that doesnt smudge and doesnt break the bank.

What is your favourite mascara? Or are you always on the hunt for a new one!?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Review: Accessorize Lipstick

As mentioned in my previous post, ive just purchased an Accessorize lipstick from Superdrug.

I havent had time to wear it but the following review is just a few snaps I took and my initial opinion on it.

I purchased Shade 8 - Love Struck which is a lovely bright, bold, fuschia pink.

So, on to the review. The casing of this lipstick is something im not really a fan of. Its got flowers and owls all over it. While i like floral designs the navy blue of the back ground and the type of flowers they are doesnt really appeal to me. Although I dont like the design it is different to everything else on the market and it stands out. Its also a really sturdy case and the lid clicks shut which is good.

The colour is true to the bullet. The colour on the lid is supposedly the same so its easy to locate in your make up collection but it isnt. Its not too far off, its just a tad lighter.

The lipstick is a matte effect and so I can imagine that it could be quite drying and I would believe that the staying power is on a par with other matte lipsticks on the market.

One downside which I did notice straight away is that when using the bullet to apply to the lips it can drag a little, this is probably due to the fact that the lipstick is a true matte and so has no moisturising properties. The bullet also smells sweet and vanillary which im not really a fan of but the smell doesnt hang around after application so you cant complain.

(Excuse the awful photo!)

This shows what the colour is like on my lips. The colour payoff is really good. You only need one swipe for a good layer of colour. The picture shows the colour as being quite light although in real life it is a tad brighter and darker (if that makes sense..).

All in all im really happy with this lipstick and theres nothing that wouldnt stop me purchasing again in a different shade.

What lipstick do you favour?

New Purchases!

Hey girlies, how are we all?

After I finished work this afternoon and before sorting out the rest of the stuff I bought home from uni I thought I would treat myself to a mooch around Superdrug.

I went out with the intention of just browsing but when does that ever happen, ey?!

I seemed to have picked up a repurchase of the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer which I mentioned in my last post. This is currently on offer in Superdrug - £2 off making it £4.99 for 30ml which isnt too bad as it lasts a long time.

I also picked up an Accessorize lipstick in shade 8, LoveStruck. I cant remember th price off it but I know it was £2 off also. The whole of Accessorize makeup range in Superdrug is currently on sale (Are they discontinuing?!)

The final thing I purchased was a Collection 2000 mascara. Its called Super Size Fat Lash Mascara and it set me back a whopping £2.99!!

I havent tried the mascara yet but ive swatched the lipstick and theres a further post coming up on that in a little while.

So there is my extremely mini beauty haul. Have you been spending the pennies this weekend?

Friday, 22 June 2012

My Everyday Face Makeup

I just thought i'd do a short post on what I wear everyday, makeup wise. Sometimes I change other aspects up - such as lipstick and eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner (when I can be bothered to put them on!) but the items ain the pictures are what I wear, everyday and the only time they change is when they run out and I buy a different one to try it.

The products shown in the photos are:

- Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Primer (need to repurchase this).

-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 (actually think this is too light for me but im trying to use it all up).

-L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique Foundation (Think this is in Rose Beige, the colour has worn off the label).

-Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Warm.

- Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba.

- MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette (Have only just purchased this and am getting used to having my brows so defined!).

- Maybelline New York Illegal Lengths Mascara (Im really not liking this, I bought it after surrendering to the hype and I dont know if ive just got a dud one but the fibres in the mascara do not attach to my lashes so its basically pointless, and the formula of the mascara leaves a lot to be desired so im not even happy with that - would definitely not repurchase!).

- Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make Up Fixer (Ive only had it a little while but I think its really good, ive never used other fixing sprays so I cant compare but I have actually noticed a difference in how long my makeup lasts with this).

And there we have it, a list of all the things that I use daily and a short review of them. If anybody would like a more in depth review of anything then let me know!

What products do you use daily?


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Topshop

Hello, are we all enjoying the weather?!

One thing which I enjoyed doing on my previous blog was a regular post each week which took one online shop and highlighted my 5 favourite items in the 'new in' sections. As I enjoyed doing it I thought I would continue to do it on The Beauty Mix.

This weeks Top 5 comes from the new in section of Topshop.

Ponte Boyfriend Blazer - £40.00

I love the colour of this, it says its red but it looks more of a burnt orange. I can imagine this would look great with a basic white vest top, some dark skinny jeans and then either flats or heels and lovely jewellry.

Neppy Tee - £14.00

I love the colour burgundy, and I think that the speckleyness of this relaxed tee shirt makes it more summery, rather than a block colour which could look quite dark.

Blossom Print Dip Hem Dress - £46.00

I love floral, I love dipped hems and I love that this particular dress has a somewhat vintage feel to it. This seems to be really floaty and would be lovely and light in the lovely weather that is seriously due to come our way!
**Red Rose Shorts by Jones and Jones - £45.00

This pattern reminds me of the wallpaper I was contemplating put up in my bedroom. I love it and I love the comparison between the red of the roses and the white of the background. These would make a really great statement wherever they were worn. There is also a dress and a matching blazer available!

**Printed Maxi Skirt by Love - £42.00

As you can probably tell I love floral things. This maxi skirt needs to be in my life. I dont actually own a maxi skirt, yet I lusted after them last summer as well. I love the watercolour effect that these flowers have. Theyve all blended into the background.

Do you like my top 5 pick from Topshop this week. What are you currently lusting after :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Hello, and welcome to my new blog which aims to bring another opinion to the large world of beauty.

This is my second blog, my first one was recently deleted because I fell out of love with the whole beauty scene and had just gone off of it.

When I got back into it I wasnt really enamoured with what the old blog and as im a bit rubbish at all things computer I decided it would be best to just start again!

Please be patient as I try to juggle the contents around and bear with me as I try to make my little baby reach its full potential :)