Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Skin Care Routine

Ooh second post in a day!

Thought id do a quick post on my everyday skin care routine, im actually supposed to be getting ready to go out but hey ho..

I suffer with facial psoriasis and when that flares up my nose and forehead are so sore and sensitive. Im also on medication for acne (im 21 arghh!) so as you can tell the less I put on my face the better, and the more natural they are the better as well.

I use 5 things on my face daily, this is a mixture of stuff that I use both in the morning and at night time.

In the morning I fill the sink with warm water and use a clean flannel to wash my face, not soap or cleanser or anything. This leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight which is good.

After this, if my psoriasis is flaring up I use the Betnovate in the white bottle on the patches. Its technically not for the face but its the only thing that gets rid of it as none of my doctors think its a problem to have a scaly face.

After washing my face I use the Nivea lotion, my mum uses and I used to and noe ive got back into it. Its moisturises well but doesnt leave skin looking greasy. It also sinks in really easily.

When it comes to night time, I use the Pure and Natural Cleansing Toner to clean my face. By this I mean it take my make up off and then I dont do anything else. Ive never double cleansed in my whole life!

To remove my eye makeup I use the Nivea visage remover, its the only one ive ever used and I dont feel the need to test others as this one does the trick. It doesnt sting or anything. After all makeup has come off I moisturise with the Nivea lotion again.

And there we have it, my really simple but effective daily skin care routine. I know I use A LOT of Nivea products but I just think theyre one of the best brands out there. No way have I been sponsered by anyone to write this post!!

What skincare routine do you follow? Are you continuously changing it?


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    1. Thank you!

      Ill check it out, and follow you as your blog looks really good, follow me back?! xx

  2. This is a very Nivea based routine! :) I am always changing mine which is bad, I know! I think I have found one I can finally stick to though. I'm like you too, I'm nearly 21 and still get acne quite badly! It isn't nice. Great post :)

    Becky xxx

    1. I just thought Nivea is good, and although it hasnt made much of a difference to my skin (acne and psoriasis) the rest is looking better and it hasnt made me any worse.

      YOu just have to keep searching till you find one that suits you, theres no need to persevere with one if it does nothing for your skin!

      If your acne is bad, you should go to the doctors, no spot stuff from over the counter helped me at all and in the end I couldnt bear it!


  3. i actually recorded a little video of my skincare routine -- i plan on posting it on tuesday. compared to most people, my skincare routine might seem really weird! i use a lot of "natural" things, and i do most of my skincare shopping at an organic grocery store. ha ha!


    1. When its uploaded ill go watch it, I love seeing other peoples routines.

      Its probably not weird, the more natural things are the better, skin wasnt made to be doused in chemicals! xx

  4. I love Nivea! I also love that it can be found for a great price! Great post! :)

    1. Thank you, yeah its great that its affordable and isnt something that can only be bought online as it comes from America or France or something..Although I would love to try Bioderma :)

      Ill check your blog out now :) xx