Saturday, 30 June 2012

Whats In My Bag?

Ive always loved watching Whats in my bag/ purse videos on Youtube but I very rarely see them floating around on blogs in picture format.

When I was reading through my feed I saw Izzy from 901Lovely had done a post on it. This made me want to do I did!

 This ismy bag. I bought it a few weeks ago from the Cath Kidston outlet store in St Neots. I think all the stuff in the shop is from last years stock but it doesnt bother me if I can get it cheaper.

It was price marked £30 but the shop was selling at £20 which is reasonable for a good quality bag. I wanted a straw bag last summer and never got round to purchasing one.

The bag itself is straw (obviously!) with pink woven handles which is a nice touch. Inside the bag is another bag. This has one of the iconic

Cath Kidston floral prints on it. It also has a handle and a drawstring so all your stuff is protected from thieving hands haha. This part of the bag is the one with the Cath Kidston label and everything on it.

This bag is quite big which means I can fit a load of crap in it that I dont actually need.

Im going to split the following pictures in to two sections. The first of stuff that happens to be in my bag now but arent in there all the time and the second will be stuff that is in there all the time that I carry around with me everyday.

Temporary Bag Items...

I dont know why this photo has come out sideways but I dont know how to change it.

First in this photo is One Day on DVD, I went round a friends house last night and she let me borrow this as I havent seen it yet.

Secondly is Marcus Collins on CD, I love this guy..hes so good..Im gutted that hes performing at our local festival and im on holiday then so I cant go. The CD is here because I sorted out my car this morning and I wanted to bring it in to listen to in my room so I just shoved it in my bag.

Finally are some random reciepts..I get a certain amount at the bottom of my bag and then every few days I sort them out and chuck them/ shred them. Theres also a random 5p which is now in my money box.

Permanent Bag Items...

This is the stuff that I carry with me all the time, its surprisingly not heavy!

I have a brown notepad and pen for making lists, I also have my diary from oxfam (the pink thing)..I dont particularly need these but I always have them just in case.

On the top is my Cath Kidston umbrella that I recieved at christmas and down the side is my glasses case (im not obsessed by Cath Kidston lol!)

The blue thing under the diary is a packet of tissues - always handy (!)

Next to this is my Anna Sui purse with cute bunnies and dogs on it.
Along the bottom row are my car and house keys, my iPod headphones, a tin of Nivea and a tin of Vaseline and finally my iPhone.

Do you like Whats In My Bag posts...if youve already done one then link me to them in the comments section below!

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