Thursday, 28 June 2012

Top 5 Thursday: New Look

Hey girlies, are we all ok?

I had a great time in Lincoln and a post with photos of the outfits I wore will follow soon.

I was just sat watching tv and realised that today is Thursday and that I hadnt even thought about doing the Top 5 post.

Todays post shows my top 5 items from the new in section of New Look.

White Pattern (White) White Floral Print Chiffon Dress | 258043719 | New Look

White Floral Print Chiffon Dress - £24.99

I love this floral dress. At first glance it looks like a regular floral pattern but when I zoomed in on the internet, it has really large butterfly's all over it which makes it seem more 'out there' and more fashion forward.

Red Pattern (Red) Parisian Printed Palazzo Trousers | 260639569 | New Look

Parisian Printed Palazzo Trousers - £14.99

Again with the florals! Love floaty trousers as theyre nice and cool in the hopefully hot weather :).

Navy (Blue) Fiorelli Cecilia Contrast Bowler | 258339141 | New Look
Fiorelli Cecilia Contrast Bowler - £58.99

This is a bit expensive for a bag and so I would never buy it but I love the contrast between the blue and the yellow. It looks pretty roomy which is also a plus.

Stone (Stone ) Stone Large Zip Tassel Tote  | 245374516 | New Look
Stone Large Zip Tassel Tote - £24.99

Another bag, this one is more affordable and would go with more of my wardrobe becasue of the neutral colours. I love the tassel and I love the zip along the front of the bag.

Mint Green (Green) Apricot Mint Green Polka Dot Dress | 259654037 | New Look
Apricot Mint Green Polka Dot Dress - £20.00 (was £29.00)

Ive got no idea why this is on sale when its supposedly new in. I think this is my favourite piece of the Top 5. I love mint green, I love collars, I love the dipped hem and I love the gold buttons. Seriously, seriously tempted by this!

So there we have it. The second installment of weekly Top 5's. What is on your lust list this week?


  1. AH! oh my gosh! everything is SO beautiful!
    totally wish i had some spare cash to go on a little clothing shopping spree.


    1. I really shoudlnt do these posts as it makes me want to buy loads of things!

      I love everything but the dress is my favourite, what do you like the best?

      Hollie x