Friday, 31 August 2012

Top 5 Thursday: Miss Selfridge

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Hello girlies. I know I really need to get my bum into gear, it isnt acceptable to keep posting my Top 5 Thursdays a day late. I just seem to forget what day it actually is. I suppose thats what comes with not having to get up for anything in the mornings, the days just blend into one another!
So anyway, this weeks Top 5 comes from Miss Selfridge. I very rarely shop there although im always lusting after the pieces that they have in. You will also notice a distinct autumnal/wintery theme with the clothes this week. Im over summer (what little one weve had) and cant wait for it to be acceptable to dig my coat out of the wardrobe. On a side note, I wished I had it on yesterday, my train was cancelled and then the next one delayed for an hour. I was saw on a freezing platform with just a flimsy cardigan keeping me from freezing to death!
Phoenix Jumper - £39.00 - Isnt this just the cutest jumper ever?! I love the look of the brown, orange and cream together. If its a really soft knit then im seriously tempted by this piece :)
Navy Bonded Duffle Coat - £65.00 - £65 is really reasonable for a good quality coat, I love this but wont be buying it because I bought a new coat last year which will see me through this winter as well. I do love duffle coats though, they remind me of Paddington Bear and reminiscing is always a lovely thing.
Knot Front Check Shirt - £32.00 - As ive said in a previous post, this Autumn im embracing my inner lumberjack. Im attracted to all things check and this shirt is no exception. I love the mix of colours and it looks so slouchy and comfortable.
Grey Dip Back Skirt - £20.00 - Now ive dipped a toe into the dipped hem trend I want to buy more pieces like this. Sometimes dipped hems and skirts in general can look a bit too dressy but with this being cotton I think it looks really casual and would look great with tights and biker boots in the winter.
Cream Cable Jumpers - £37.00 - Another trend I was obsessed with last year and which my love for has not died is Cable Knit Jumpers. Preferrably ones with high necks so I can layer them on top of shirts and have the collar over the top. I love cream as it helps to brghten you up on a dull day,plus it goes with every other colour. With this jumper in particular I love the fact that there are diamonds on the front panel and not anywhere else.
So there we have it, my top 5 picks from Miss Selfridge. My favourite piece out of these is the Phoenix jumper. Im seriously lusting after it!


  1. LOVE that coat and the skirt! :) xx

    1. Arent they gorgeous, I shouldnt do this post as I get way too tempted! xx