Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Lip Product Collection

Hello, today Im going to write a post on my collection of lip products. In no way am I boasting, I dont feel that this is a lot, and none of them cost more than £5 anyway! I really like reading other bloggers posts like these so I though it would be an interesting thing to do.

Im not really a lipbalm fan as I dont suffer with particularly dry lips. The vaseline is the only lipbalmy type thing I own, even though I read somewhere that vaseline doesnt actually help to moisturise lips. This is the rosy lips one and I only really use it for the subtle colour that it gives.

In terms of Lipgloss (something else I very rarely wear) I own 2. One is a Rimmel Vinyl lipgloss which claims to give high shine. The other is a Natural Collection one in the shade Fondant. Theres something about this that doesnt really look good on its own but im persevering with it and trying to find some other lip product that it looks good paired with.

I own two lip stains. The GOSH one is a bright fuschia pink colour that I dont wear very often and the 17 one is in Berry Crush. I wear this nearly everyday as it colours my lips but isnt too obvious a colour. Its perfect for a natural looking lip. The 17 one also has a balm on the other end which is surprisingly good.

The 4th pircture shows the 2 lonely lip liners that I have. Ive never worn them in my life. The red was given to me by my mum as a christmas makeup hamper present and is from the brand Oriflame. I swatched this the other day and it is actually a really nice colour. The second lip liner is a brown(!) LA Colours one and cost me £1. Who in their right mind would own a brown lip liner you ask. Not me, I only bought this because I was dressing up as Simba and I needed some whiskers. I didnt even end up dressing up so that was a bit of a waste...

The only other lip products I own are these lipsticks. The most expensive one here is either the Topshop one (with the black stripy casing) or the Loreal Rouge Caresse (4th one in). In order of the picture there is: 3 red lipsticks - A wild and Crazy one which I recieved in the hamper present mentioned earlier, an Oriflame one which was 50p in the sale and an LA Colours one which cost £1.

Next is my Rouge Caresee one in shade 101 Tempting Lilac. If I dont wear the 17 stain then I wear this. Those 2 are my everyday lip colours. After this is my only MUA lipstick in shade 7. I bought this ages ago on a whim and im not realy sure if it suits me!

Next up is the newest addition to the collection which also features in my haul post from Saturday. I bought this in a 3 pack of products from Poundland and although there is no brand I have a feeling it might be Tesco (Vivo). Its in hot pink shine and although bright it is very wearable for during the day.

The one with the lovely floral packaging is an Accesorize one which I purchased in the sale for £3 (dont quote me on that). Its Lovestruck shade 8 and is a hot pink colour which Ive worn on nights out a few times.

The final two are the great Topshop lipstick in Brighton Rock which is a bright pink but is quite an unusual colour. I love the colour payoff of this and it glides on easily. Im currently lusting after Infrared so I might treat myself when I get to a big enough Topshop.

The final lipstick in my collection is a Miss Sporty one in 009 Innocence. This is a bubblegum pink and is great for a pop of colour. Im not sure if it is a bit pale so to balance it out I put a dark product on the bottom and then a slick of this over the top. It smells gorgeous - like watermelon and I could seriously sniff it all day! 

(From Left to Right are the same lipsticks in the same order as the picture above)

So there we have it, my lip product collection ranging from balms to stains to glosses and lipsticks. It might be a sizeable enough collection but im not really a lip product junkie and im much more comfortable with a natural lip. Im currently on the hunt for the perfect nude lipshae which is something missing from my collection. If anyone has any suggestions then let me know!

What kind of posts would you be interested in seeing?


  1. Great post! Love having a look at other people's collections - I'm so nosey! Love your blog so I've just followed!


    1. Im nosey too, would you be interested in seeing other products I own? Ill check out your blog in a minute :) x