Friday, 24 August 2012

Top 5 Thursday (Friday!) Very.Co.Uk

Top 5 Thursday:

Im currently sat here listening to a best of the 80s cd that I found in our conservatory. Im not really a fan of the 80s, id much rather listen to 50's and early 60's music but I am enjoying bopping around to some cheesy classics - Were the kids in America anybody?!
Im sorry that this wasnt posted yesterday, me, my mum and my mums friend went mooching around our local town and then we did the weekly food shop. I didnt buy anything unfortunately but I saw this great maroon jumper in New Look that id seen previously and im still lusting after it.
This weeks Top 5 installment is from I think I can honsetly say that Ive never bought anything from this website but when I do look on it there are always nice things. I also apologise for the state of the pictures above. Ive done the collage through Polyvore and I dont know why the models have gone so chunky! Makes me feel alright about my legs though haha.
1) TFNC Umbrella Skirt - £45.00 I love the colour of this skirt, and the fact that its sort of like a skater skirt but more poofy! This would look really great with a tan however I dont think my hips would agree with this, if I put this on id look as wide as a motorway!

2) Miss KG Felicity Wedge Boots - £80.00 Black ankle boots are perfect for the coming colder months. I think these would probably be too high for daytime but I love a pair of ankle boots for nights out and the wedge just makes it ten times easier to walk in. Such a simple design but I really like the contrasting silver zip.

3) Dune Bonty StuddedCourt Shoes - £85.00 The second pair of shoes in todays installment. Again, black heels. The studs on this arent spiky and are more toned down so perfect if your new to the stud trend. These would also pack a punch in the office but wouldnt be too fashion forward.

4) Love Label Geoprint Skater Dress - £35.00 Im not sure what it is about this dress that draws me to it. I love skater style dresses as they are the mose flattering on me and this print reminds me of some of the vintage shirts that Joey Essex brings out but I just couldnt stop looking at it. Out of all the items ive picked today this is the one im most tempted by!

5) Love Label Contrast Collar Skater Dress - £35.00 Again another skater dress - this Top 5 is all so samey..- I love maroon so this dress ticks a huge box. I really like the collar detail and the material of this dress is ridged which makes it thicker (and warmer for winter). This would look great with some thick black tights at the offic christmas party (too soon for ideas?)

So there we have it, this weeks Top 5 from Very.Co.Uk. I apologise for the fact that its all shoes and skater style bottoms but nothing else on the new in section really floated my boat this week!

What are you lusting after?


  1. I love the look of the skater dress. I have something similar but you can never have too many =)

    great post


    1. Ive got something similar too, I own three and im always on the lookout for more! Thank you for the comment :)

      I would check out your blog but im already a follower! xx