Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Update

Afternoon girlies, Sunday has come around again. These weeks are going so fast, itll soon be christmas!

Its time for my weekly update post and to let you all know what ill be up to in the coming week.

Ive been to zumba twice, im desperately trying to lose all the weight ive put back on. Zumba is so fun but its not really doing anything in terms of weight loss. So along with my healthy eating im going to start doing other things. Ive dusted off my bike and thatll be getting a lot of action soon.

Wednesday was a lovely day, so warm and sunny so me and 2 friends took ourselves off to Hunstanton, our local seaside (anyone been there?). A great day filled with amusements, walking on the sand, the funfair and the obligatory fish and chips (NOT healthy - see above comment!). We played mini bowling which I lost and we also went on the dance achine -which I won three times. This makes me want toget my dance mat from the loft and play on that. Ive still got the skills...

Ive also been to bingo twice this week - im not addicted honestly. Yesterday saw me going to 'big' bingo where my luck refused to come out and I didnt win anything.

Im off to work soon and my dinner will soon be beckoning - yummy roast lamb.

The next week doesnt really hold much in store. We may be going to a local market for the bank holiday so if I pick anything up then ill do a haul post.

I have an interview on Tuesday so wish me luck and ill let you know about it on twitter and on here. Speaking of twitter, if you arent already following me then please feel free to do so @TheBeautyMix .

That about sums up this Sunday update post and to bring things to a close ill leave you with a cute picture of my baby Daisy, she likes to open the post! :)


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