Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Favourite: Foundation

Hello girlies how are we all?

Today im introducing a new series of posts entitled 'My Favourties' and each post will cover a specific area of makeup and highlight my favourite product within that category.

Today im focusing on Foundation. Every makeup look is not complete without a flawless base and this is the main claim of the foundation I am about to talk about.

As you can tell from the photo above the Foundation I will be reviewing today is the 17 Photo Flawless foundation which is available to purchase for £6.49 from Boots.

Im currently on my third bottle of this product which is surprising seeing as I have a love hate relationship with foundation.

I use the shade Light Ivory (I think? Ivory something anyway) and this is a perfect match for the summer when I have a subtle tan. Its not too orange and its not too pale.

The main claim of this foundation is that it provides a flawless base which is perfect for photos and which lasts for a huge amount of time so that touch ups are not needed on nights out.

My thought on this foundation are all positive. I suffer with oily skin and this does not make it worse in any way at all. I also have dry patches and this doesnt make them more noticeable so I would say this foundation is suitable for any skin type. Its moisturising without making you look shiny.

The consistency of this product is very thick, when you hold your hand up it doesnt run down the back of it unlike some which I have previously used. However saying that, its not too thick that you would then need a lot of product to cover your face. As its quite thick the coverage of this is medium and could be full if you build it up.

I havent had any nasty breakouts from this so I dont think there are any nasties lurking about on the ingredients list.

I would definitely recommend this foundation to someone who is looking for a long wearing, medium to full coverage foundation that is true to shade and is affordable.

Next on my list is the photo flawless primer!


  1. This looks good! I'm on the hunt for a new foundation so I'll have to have a look at this! :) x

    1. I couldn't recommend this enough. I've also got the lumi magique one on the go which has the tendency to make me look more shiny than a shiny thing whereas this one doesn't! X