Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Post Of Many Outfits

As Ive been promising for the past few posts, I owe all my lovely readers a number of different OOTN's. My two nights out in Lincoln and the outfit I wore to dinner last night to celebrate my final ever uni result.

I didnt manage to get any great photos of the outfits on the actual nights that I wore them but I have just stood in my room changing into all of them so you could see what I did wear.

My head is cut out of them because frankly, I look like a mess..I have rubbish hair and no make up on!

This first picture has been taken on my iPhone because I had just got to the last outfit and my camera run out of battery, im just waiting for it to charge a little bit so I can get the other photos from it.

Arghh this picture is so rubbish but it was the best of many! This was last nights outfit, me mum and dad went out for a celebratory meal.

I wore my nude pumps from primark, and old pair of Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans, a cute peter pan collar top from New Look which has tiny pink flowers on it and then just a beigey/ nude cardigan from H and M.

I aplogise for the huge crease in the top, my wardrobe is stuffed and things like this happen all the time!

The following two outfits are from my little trip to Lincoln. On both nights I wore the same shoes - to save space in the bag!.

Night out No 1 - Playsuit = Primark, Belt = New Look (came with a pair of chinos)

Night out No 2 = Playsuit from Internacionale

These are the shoes I wore on both nights, they are brown new look wedges - not sure if theyre real leather. I also wore these to the wedding a few weeks ago.

They start off being really comfortable but when you wear them from 7 till 3 two nights running, they tend to rub your feet..I have the worst blisters ever!

SO, these are my three outfit posts. I feel like its a bit of a mish mash but I hope you understand :)

Im also sorry for the photos of the two playsuits, its the first time ive taken pictures like that and its going to take some getting used to!


  1. Nice outfits, I really regret not buying that Primark playsuit when it was in!
    Mel x


    1. Thank you :)

      Aww you shouldve bought it, thats the thing with primark, if you dont but it straight away then it might not be there the next time youre in! x

  2. New Look shoes are my favourite! I want all their heels and wedges haha. Great post :) xx


    1. Theyre great, theyre quite comfy and such reasonable prices for god quality as well!

      Im heading over to your blog now! x

  3. loving your Playsuit from Internacionale!:)

    1. Thank you. The colour is even better in real life xx