Monday, 30 July 2012

Holiday Purchases

As you know I've just come back from Cornwall. While I was there I only purchased 4 things! I'm quite proud of myself.

A new photo frame from a shop in St Ives. Cost me £3.99. Now I need to find a pretty picture to put inside it.

A pillow/cuddly toy from Trago Mills. I adore this shop. It sells literally everything! I didn't need this but his face is so cute I couldn't resist :).

My only beauty and fashion related purchase. A new play suit from a brand called Yumi. It's green and floral with a collar and a key hole cut out at the top. Was a tad expensive, it cost me £45 but I still think it worth it!

And finally a pretty new iPhone case from the Cath Kidston. I treated myself to it as I've wanted one for ages. £24.99 and I think you could get it online.


  1. Hope you had a good time away! I love the phone case, so pretty, I really need to buy a new one soon as mine is really old! xx

  2. Yeah it was lovely even though the weather could've been better!

    This one is really good quality. I was a bit reserved at paying this much but if you think about it they last ages xx

  3. That sheep is the cutest thing! :) Loving the case too:D hope you had a good time xx

    1. Isnt it, so soft and cute!Thank you, had a great time, back to the grindstone for me now!x

  4. Going away is always that little bit better when you have some lovely purchases to bring back! :) Gorgeous things here, love your playsuit and phone case especially! x