Thursday, 6 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 4 Books

Hello, sorry I havent posted in a while. Ive been a busy bee! Tuesday saw me graduate from Lincoln University which was a great day. Yesterday was spent being lazy and not switching my laptop on at all. Today will be a day of blogging. Im going to catch up with the 10 day challenge and then schedule some posts as I dont want to inundate you all with loads of posts today!

So this part of the 10 day challenge is 4 books. I read so many books its unbelievable. Im going to approach this challenge in a different way and rather than listing 4 individual books im going to tell you 4 authors that I love. When I find a brilliant author, I try and read all of the books that Ive ever written and I can guarantee Ill probably love them all. Im not really one to ready posh books, im more of a chick lit kind of girl but whatever floats your boat eh?

1) My top author of all time has to be Sheila O'Flangan. Ive read all of her books and now im waiting for the new ones. She needs to start writing faster I tell you! Sheila is Irish and all of her books are based in Dublin. They feature trials and tribulations of young modern women who are torn between love and other things!
2) Marian Keyes. Again another Irish author (can you see a theme here?!). There is so much humour running through Marians books that at times I laugh out loud. She portrays Irish people so well and sometimes makes them live up to the stereotypes that the rest of the world holds. You should check her out!
3) Sophie Kinsella. Sophie writes the Shopaholic series of books. These books are fab. Theyre funny but also have a serious note. Everyone can relate to overspending and feeling guilty at the end of the month when you sort out your money.
4) Belinda Jones. Ive only read a few of Belinda books but theyre great. There is no set them unlike the other 3 authors but they are still based around love. One I read was based on a tropical Island which definitley made me fantasise about living there!

So there we have it, my 4 top Authors. If you would like an in depth review of a particular book from these authors then let me know!

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