Sunday, 2 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 6 Places

Hello girlies, today im back with the new installment of the 10 day challenge. Todays part means I have to list 6 places. I assume that this means either 6 places special to me or places I want to go to. Here we go:

1) Lincoln will always be a special place to me. It where I went to uni. I loved it then and I love it now. Its such a special place and I hope to get a job there if I can.
2) London. I love the atmosphere of London its such a great place. If only I could afford to live there!
3) LA. Can a place get any better. Sun and fit movie stars :)
4) Norwich. I live relatively close to Norwich, its so nice to sit by the castle under the shade of a tree when its nice and warm.
5) Magaluf/ Palma Nova. I know this place gets called all the nicknames under the sun. Shagaluf etc. I love it though. We used to holiday in Palma when I was little and then me and my mum came here a few years ago. Its tacky but cool!
6) My bed. Although not technically a place. Its the best bed in the world. So comfy and cosy and its got the vintage shabby chic look about it.

Now you know the 6 places that I love, and would love to experience. What is your favourite place on earth?

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