Thursday, 6 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 2 Songs

The last installment from the 10 day challenge for today. This post will feature my 2 favourite songs. This is going to be so hard because there are so many songs that I love and each song represents a different memory for me.

1) Reckless - You Me At Six: I love love love YMA6 so much. Ive seen them in London and would do so again in a heartbeat. This is my favourite song off of their last album Sinners Never Sleep. If you like rocky tunes but more on the poppy side rather than screamo and heavy metal then you should definitley check out these brit boys. Theyre hot as well ;).
2) Along with my love for YMA6 I also have a love for 50's and 60's tunes. This is really hard to decide a specific song so ill just include an artist here. Neil Sedaka. He has such a cute face! His songs are lovely and I could listen to him all day. Look into him and you will probably recognise some of his songs.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of the challenge, a picture of me. What songs do you like listening to? Leave a comment below while I go hunt through the photo albums!

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