Thursday, 13 September 2012

ASOS Magazine

Hello girlies are we all ok?

Ive never recieved an ASOS magazine before but I must be on the mailing list because the other day I recieved the latest issue in the post.

I was taking the plastic cover off and wondered why the magazine was so bulky, discarding the crappy adverts and leaflets look what greeted me!

Yes that right, a yummy Galaxy bar which was a lovely treat. I still havent eaten it as my healthy eating plan has well and truly kicked in.

The magazine was a great read full of the latest fashions and style inspirations, an interview with Juno Temple and some great nail art on the last page.

I love this checked shirt!

There was also a sample of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which Ive been wanting to try. Ive checked out the shade online and it seems like it would be a good match. Im a sucker for samples so this was a welcome addition.

This is just a quick post to let you know that im looking forward to the next magazine I receive and to say that if youre not on the mailing list and you love ASOS then try and get yourselves on it!

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