Monday, 3 September 2012

Micellaire Solutions: Nivea Cleansing Toner Vs Vichy Normaderm

Hello girlies, how are we all? Today I will be comparing 2 of my favourite kind of cleanser, my micellaire solutions. I love these solutions as they're ideal for my sensitive skin.

I dont really understand the scientific stuff around these solutions but I do know that the oil particles that get rid of the grime and makeup are surrounded by water molecules. When the soaked cotton pad is pushed onto the skin the water molecules give way, grab some grime and then close up again. Youre basically trapping dirt in a water solution.

The 2 solutions i'll be comparing today are the Nivea Cleansing Toner and the Vichy Normaderm solution for sensitive skin.

The Vichy retails at Boots for £10.50 (here) and the Nivea for £2.24 which is currently on offer (price was £3.36, although it can be found cheaper in stores such as Savers, available here).

Right, onto the comparison!

Value For Money: As mentioned above the Vichy solution is A LOT more expensive than the Nivea but both products give you 200ml. This then tells us that the Nivea is better value for money than the Vichy.

Looks/Packaging: Although this isnt an important part of the comparison because it doesnt effect the way the product works the little magpie in me is automatically drawn to pretty things. If im honest none of these are better than the other. I do like the green lid of the Vichy nd the shape of the bottle which is wider at the bottom than at the top. The Nivea has some nice illustrations on so in terms of packaging this is a tie.

Ingredients: The Nivea clearly states that its made with ingredients that are 95% from natural origins and that there are no parabens, no colourants, no silicones and no mineral oils. This might be the same for the Vichy but it isnt clearly stated. In terms of the ingredients list, Aqua is the top of the list for both products. Im not really clued up on the different names for the same ingredients but I feel that as theyre both very similar the ingredients arent going to be massively different.

How It Works: This is where the main comparisons of this post are going to lie. The Nivea solution was my first purchase of a Micellaire water and it can be seen how much I love it because ive just finished my third bottle of the stuff. When id emptied the bottle I thought it was time to hunt for something that might surpass my expectations and I was tempted by the claims that the Vichy one was for acne prone skin.

Now ive given the Vichy a thorough test I much prefer the Nivea. In terms of removing makeup and grime they both do the same job, I cant tell that one removes more than the other. There are always some traces left but both remove about the same amount.

In terms of smell, again the Nivea wins. The Vichy has a slight chemically smell whereas the Nivea smells more floral. Not overly flowery but a more naturally flowery smell which I think can be attricuted to the oils and things that have been added (Argan Oil).

The Nivea wins again in the fact that once youve taken your makeup off your skin then feels normal. The Vichy one leaves my skin feeling sticky and like its coated in leftover product. This feeling does fade after about an hour but until it does its not nice!

Overall: As you can tell from this comparison my favourite is, hands down, the Nivea cleansing tone. For something that doesnt even label itself as a micellaire solution it does a great job at helping to wipe away the dirt fron the day. Im definitely going to repurchase it but ive just got to finish the Vichy one off first!

I hope you enjoyed that comparison, do you like micellaire solutions? Id love to read all your comments below :)

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