Wednesday, 12 September 2012

August Empties

Hello, I know its a bit late but this is the only chance Ive had to write about all the products Ive used up or thrown away during August.

This is my first empties post and I feel that this is quite a good selection. However, this is only because I had a clear out so half of it is stuff I just dont want anymore.

There are 7 things that Ive either thrown away or used up. Ill give a quick desription of each one and whether I would actually purchase it again.

First up is the Nivea Visage Eye Make Up Remover. I did repurchase this and Im currently on my third bottle of the stuff. Its great at removing eyeliner and mascara without rubbing too hard. Its the only EMR ive tried and Ive never felt the need to move onto something else. Its cheap, cheerful and does what it says on the tin.
Secondly is the Nivea cleasning toner. Ive done a review post of this and I still love it. I havent repurchased it yet as Im trying to finish off my new Vichy Normaderm cleanser but once that one is out of the way then I will definitely repurchase this one.
Next up is the V05 Ultimate Hold hairspray. No repurchase as of yet but that is only because Ive started on an Aldis own brand one. This is the only hairspray Ive ever used all the way to empty which is saying something. I would definitely recommend this. It keeps hair in place withough making it too stiff.
At the top of this picture are some Oriflame false eyelashes. They cost me £1 and ive never used them so couldnt say whether they are any good or not. The only reason these are being thrown is because stupid me bent one in half and it wont go back to normal!
Benefits the Porefessional. I bought a copy of Red magazine when they were doing Benefit samples. I used it once and I dont really like it. It left my skin looking really shiny. I wasnt tempted to buy the full size prodcut because there are other things that do a better job of priming my skin and making my pores look smaller.
The long silver box on the right is an Oriflame mascara that cost me 50p. I loved this mascara and it did a great job but unfortunately this got shoved to the back of a drawer when I purchased a new mascara. I bought it before christmas last year so this is probaly dried up now and I wouldnt want to use it for hygiene reasons.
Finally for this empties/throwing away post is the Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara. This is the one with the fibres in to make your lashes look longer. I stopped my love affair with the Oriflame one for this and boy I wished I hadnt! I didnt get on with this at all. The fibres didnt attach to my naturall lashes so no added length there and the formula of mascara itself was rubbish. It did nothing for me and I do actually regret buying this.
So there we have it, my first empties post. I think these posts may be few and far between because I very rarely get through a large amount of products in one month. I may save them up and make it a quarterly post or something.

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