Monday, 3 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 5 Foods

Today im back with the 5 Foods part of the 10 day challenge. I love food - which is glaringly obvious because im always trying to lose those few extra pounds that are constantly settled around my middle.

Food can evoke so many memories as well as being important in making new ones (stop me now before I truly sound like someone who loves themselves to much!).

1) My ultimate favourite food is my mums roast dinner. We have one every Sunday without fail and they are amazing. Yummy roast potatoes, meat, veg, gravy and yorkshire pudding. I cant wait for next Sunday already!
2) Potato Salad: I love this stuff. I never used to like mayonnaise but my tastes must have changed and now I cant get enough of it. I should probably include coleslaw in here as that another new found love.
3) Nectarines. Especially when theyre soft and juicy and the juice runs down your arm. Messy foods are a must.
4) Fried Onions: Again another new love. I could never stand onions but now I really like them. Especially fried ones. Even if they are bad for you...
5) My final favourite food is Curry. I love the subtle hint of spiceyness that a good curry brings. Im not a fan of overly spicy ones so I normally go for a Korma or Tikka Massala. Essential add ons are poppadoms, naan bread and bombay potatoes!

So there we have it, my 5 ultimat foods. Most of these are pretty bad for me which is why I dont eat them all the time. I cant even remember the last time I ate a curry!

What are your favourite foods?

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