Thursday, 6 September 2012

10 Day Challenge: 3 Films

This post is based on the 3 films part of the 10 day challenge. Film wise, along with books wise. Im more drawn to Romcoms. Im not really into horror films or westerns and stuff.

1) I love Mean Girls. Doesnt everyone? Linday Lohan before she went a bit funny and a cute guy. I love these kind of films, will they or wont they get the girl. Reminds me of when I was young when this film came out.
2) Cinderall Story. Again another will they get together or not film. Based on Cinderall but in the modern age. It features a lovely cinderella ballgown dress. Appeals to the fashion lover in me.
3) My final film is How To Marry A Millionaire. This is an old film with Marilyn Monroe in. The tale of 3 single girls in NY trying to bag millionaires and not being very successful in the end. I definitley recommend this to all my readers!

There is one more post today for the 10 day challenge and then I will finally be caught up. Stay tuned for my favourite 2 songs!

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