Monday, 17 December 2012

Hair Dye Removers?

Has anyone used one? Do they actually work? Would you recommend one?

I'd like to strip some old red out of my hair that I've managed to grow halfway out!


  1. What colour is your hair? how dark?

    I've used colour b4 like 3 times on my hair and it does work really well as long as you follow every instruction perfectly!

    if your hair isn't tooo dark it will take it to a really nice, light base colour. just dye your hair a couple of shades lighter if you're dying it soon after because your hair will grab the dye and go darker than it normally would. I'd definitely recommend using colour b4 though

    hope this helped :)


  2. One common use for black dye is for hiding or eliminating gray hair. When people who have dark hair start to experience graying it is very noticeable - the contrast between white and gray is very strong. This change is a confirmation for many that they are no longer as young as they used to be - and many fight to hide this.

    Hair Dye for Black Hair